2017 Campus Energy Conference



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1. Thermal Distribution Workshop

­Monday, February 20

Track 1 : Steam Distribution

Moderator: Pat Davin, Veolia North America

Track 2: Hot + Chilled Water Distribution

Moderator: Jim Riley, Texas A&M University

Around The Room - Open Discussion - Products - Patrick Davin, Veolia North America; Paul Razo, Steam Distribution and Power

Open Discussion - Discussion will revolve around specific issues and challenges associated with safe, reliable, efficient operation and maintenance of chilled water and hot water distribution systems.

Dewatering Boiling Water, Open DiscussionPaul Razo , Steam Distribution and Power; Patrick Davin, Veolia North America

Detroit Thermal Warren St. Excavation and 10" Pipe Insertion - Larry Masserant & Paul Razo, Steam Distribution and Power

Overview of Distribution System Operation, Monitoring, Repair & Replacement and Upgrade Considerations - Terry Easterwood, Texas A&M University

Track 1 : Steam Distribution

Moderator: Pat Davin, Veolia North America

Track 2: Hot + Chilled Water Distribution

Moderator: Jim Riley, Texas A&M University

SMART Robot Steam Mains And Inspection Robot Technology - Dowlatram Somrah, Khurram Khan, Consolidated Edison of New York

Effective Air/Dirt Removal to Improve Performance and Extend the Life of Thermal Distribution Systems - Stephen Clinton, Spirotherm

Updated Water Hammer Predictor Model- Dowlatram Somrah, Jimmy Tsang, Consolidated Edison of New York

Proper System Flushing, Effective System Cleaning and Flushing - Russell Buras, PurgeRite

­Tuesday, February 21

Track 1 : Steam Distribution

Moderator: Pat Davin, Veolia North America

Track 2: Hot + Chilled Water Distribution

Moderator: Jim Riley, Texas A&M University

The University of Iowa Replacement of Grand Avenue Steam Distribution System Doug Bottorff & Matt Mettemeyer, Shive-Hattery and Richard Ney, University of Iowa

Piping Materials & Installation, Review of Water Distribution System Piping Materials - Wes Long, Performance Pipe

Penn State University Burrowes Road Steam Manhole Repair - Andrew Price, Affiliated Engineers, Ron Pristash, Penn State University

Thermal Energy Transfer: Two Reasons Why You Should NEVER Utilize Energy Transfer Stations: 1) your project has plenty of funding, time, and available space or 2) your buildings have zero leakage, so you go direct. - Joe Garcia, Alfa Laval

Procedures for Shutdown and Turn-on of Steam Mains, Open Discussion - Patrick Davin, Veolia North America; Paul Razo, Steam Distribution and Power

Effective Water System Treatment, Overview of Effective Water Treatment - Pete Elliott, GE Water

Storm Hardening - Frank Cuomo, Martin Mangan & Joe O'Hagan, Consolidated Edison of New York

Wrap-up Discussion - Jim Riley, Texas A&M University

Combined Distribution Session

Moderator: Pat Davin, Veolia North America & Jim Riley, Texas A&M University

Mental PPE - Joe O'Hagan & Roy Young, Consolidated Edison of New York

Leak Detection - Aerial Thermal Mapping Reveals Leaks in All Types of Systems...Get the [thermal] Picture! Leak Detection - Aerial Thermal Mapping Reveals Leaks in All Types of Systems...Get the [thermal] Picture! Greg Stockton, Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services

Combined Distribution Session

Moderator: Pat Davin, Veolia North America & Jim Riley, Texas A&M University

Distribution Workshop Round Table Discussion

Discussion Leaders - Patrick Davin, Veolia North America; Paul Razo, Steam Distribution and Power; Jim Riley, Texas A&M University

Facilitated discussions including but not limited to:

  • Bronze Gearbox and Hand Wheels
  • Open Discussion - What have you not heard that is of interest to you?
  • Mutual Assistance for District Energy
  • Distribution Forum
  • Next Year's Agenda

2. Microgrid Workshop

Introduction and Overview - Ted Borer, Princeton University & Bob Manning, Harvard University

Enduring the Next Super Storm: Wesleyan University and Middletown, Connecticut - Collaborating and Creating a Resilient Community - Alan Rubacha, Wesleyan University & Chris Nagle, Dresser Rand, A Siemens Business

Innovative Design Strategies for Microgrids in Dense Urban Settings - David Smith, Burns Engineering

University of Iowa Microgrid - Kevin Voss, PRVN Consultants & Ben Anderson, University of Iowa

Gas Turbines in Microgrids - Daniel Fingleton, Solar Turbines

Duke University Microgrid Planning- Russell Thompson, Duke University

Microgrid Systems Design, Optimization, and Risk Drivers - David Tine, Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co.

Clemson University's Self-Healing Grid - Roger Copeland & Darrell Widner, Jacobs Engineering

Island Life - Operating your Microgrid in Island Mode - Michael Dempsey, Burns & McDonnell

Summary and Roundtable

3. Technical Conference

Wednesday, February 22

Opening Session
Introductions – Rob Thornton, IDEA President & CEO
Welcome to IDEA – Tim Griffin, IDEA Chair

Panel Discussion: A Sustainable Future
Experienced campus energy professionals share insights and strategies for a more sustainable campus.
Invited Panelists:

Abbe Bjorklund, Director of Engineering and Utilities, Dartmouth College

Alan Daeke, Director of Utilities & Engineering, North Carolina State University

Gregg Coffin, Director, Energy Management, University of Missouri

Bob Manning, Director of Engineering & Utilities, Harvard University

Ken Packard, Director of Utilities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

David Woodson, Managing Director, Energy and Water Services, University of British Columbia

Jeff Zumwalt, Director of Utilities and Energy Management, University of Kentucky 

What’s on Your Mind?
An interactive discussion style session with IDEA campus energy leaders.

1A – Master Planning & System Upgrades
Moderator: Scott Clark, Burns & McDonnell


1B – CHP
Moderator: Tim Peer, Bond Brothers


1C – Pathways to
De–Carbonizing, Zero Carbon & Carbon Neutrality
Moderator: Bob Smith, RMF Engineering 

1D – District Hot Water Systems
 Moderator: Richard Damecour, FVB Energy 

Dynamic Utility Master Planning: Savings for Now and the FutureBen Dombrowski, Jacobs Engineering Group

How a Second Look at Your CHP Can Save You Significant Headaches –  Joanna Pyun, Vanderweil; Rick Pretzman, Arizona State University

The Path to a Sustainable Future Meets Reality David Goetz, Burns & McDonnell; Paul Moser, Pennsylvania State University

Regional Heating Water Plant Applications and Benefits in Georgia and North Carolina CampusesBrian Mitchell, Duke University; Gregory Carnathan & Chase Davis, RMF Engineering

Utility Master Planning at the University of PennsylvaniaMichael Walton, Burns Engineering; Ben Suplick, University of Pennsylvania; Jason Trefz, Trefz Engineering 

Gainesville Regional Utilities: Reciprocating Engine CHP –  John Lee, Burns & McDonnell; Chuck Heidt & Jamie Verschage, Gainesville Regional Utilities 

Planning for a Carbon Neutral CampusMeghan Riesterer, Oberlin College; Michael Ahern, Ever–Green Energy

Assessment and Upgrade of High Temperature Hot Water Systems at Dulles and JFK Airports and SUNY Stony Brook Bruno Fiorentino, Burns Engineering

Poster Exhibits – Presenters will be available by their posters to answer questions

2A – Master Planning & System Upgrades (contd.)
Moderator: Mike Dempsey, Burns & McDonnell

2B – CHP (contd.)
Moderator: Joe Sullivan, Concord Engineering 

2C – Pathways to
De–Carbonizing, Zero Carbon & Carbon Neutrality (contd.)
Moderator: Bill Liegois, Stanley Consultants 

2D – District Hot Water Systems (contd.)
Moderator: Pernille Overbye, Ramboll

Electrical System Master Plan for the University of Rochester Kevin Fuller, CHA Consulting; Richard Gardner, University of Rochester 

CHP Improving Reliability & Resiliency in University CampusesDalia El Tawy, Siemens Energy

Decarbonizing District Energy with Renewable Fuel Oil Lee Torrens, Ensyn Fuels

Experiences Building a European Style Hot Water Campus District Energy System in North America John Rathbone, Ramboll; Herb Sinnock & Katherine Rinas, Sheridan College 

University of Illinois Utility Master Plan and Dispatch Model Mike Larson, University of Illinois; Andrew Price, Affiliated Engineers 

Combined Heat and Power for Military InstallationsMichael Calabrese, Burns Engineering

UCSF Mission Bay – Can CHP Be Used as a Tool to Tackle Carbon–Neutrality Goals? – Bryce MacMartin, Vanderweil

Low Temperature  Thermal Networks: Domestic Hot Water Production Jeffrey Flannery, Danfoss

Campus Energy Networking Luncheon—Sponsored by Burns & McDonnell & Carrier Corp.

Poster Exhibits – Presenters will be available by their posters to answer questions

3A – Master Planning & System Upgrades (contd.)
Moderator: Patti Wilson, Affiliated Engineers

3B – CHP (contd.)
Moderator: Chris Lyons, Solar Turbines 

3C – Panel: The Public Private Partnership Experience
Moderator: Jim Sebesta, FVB Energy 

3D – Energy Management & Integration of Renewables
Moderator: Henry Johnstone, GLHN Architects and Engineers

Equipment Upgrades in a Space–Constrained Plant: University of Rochester Boiler InstallationShane Taylor, Sega; Richard Gardner, University of Rochester 

Cogeneration/Gas Turbine Generator Design–Build Marc Donovan, Union College; Aaron Bolhous, CHA Consulting 

Campus utility directors will provide insights on what approaches they find useful in looking at their utility as a business. Panelists will discuss the challenges of insourcing versus outsourcing & what information enables good decision making & being effective at running the utilities enterprise.


Joan Kowal, Emory University
Juan Ontiveros, University of Texas at Austin
Erick VanMeter, University of Minnesota
David Woodson, University of British Columbia


Integration of Large Scale Solar Thermal Systems with District Energy SystemsMichael DiPaolo, Ritter Group USA 

Delivering the Promise of Eco–Districts Tom Chadwick & Peter Falcier, GI Energy; Mike Walters, MEP Associates 

Combined Heat and Power for the Medium Sized Campus, A Case StudyRandall Preston, Tufts University; Jane Weinzapfel, Leers Weinzapfel Associates

Active Energy Management for Central Plants: U of Arizona Case Study – Mark St. Onge, University of Arizona; Phillip Saieg, McKinstry 

Poster Exhibits – Presenters will be available by their posters to answer questions

4A – Central Plant Considerations
Moderator: Dan Dixon, District Energy Corporation 

4B – CHP (contd.)
Moderator: Tom Batten, Concord Engineering 

4C – Regulations , Permits & Codes
Moderator: Ben Anderson, University of Iowa 

4D – Modeling DH Systems
Moderator: Kevin Porter, Thermo Systems 

Northwestern University – Should We Move Our Central Plant?George Howe, Affiliated Engineers; Paul Weller, Northwestern University; Caitlyn Clauson, Sasaki

Eastern Michigan University – Cogeneration Project – Ken Hedrick & Frank Gallardo, OpTerra Energy Services; John Donegan, Eastern Michigan University 

Update on Codes and Guidelines Affecting U.S. District Energy SystemsBrian Wodka, RMF Engineering

Solar Thermal Optimization for District Hot Water Through Energy ModelingJoshua Morejohn, University of California, Davis

Achieving Expectations: Results & Lessons Learned After First Year Operation of the UVA’s North Grounds Mechanical Plant Justin Callihan; University of Virginia; Joe Witchger, HGA Architects & Engineers 


Overrunning Clutches Increase CHP Flexibility and Reduce Operating Costs James Berry & Randall Attix, SSS Clutch Company 

CHP Minor Source Permitting – The Future is Small Brian Petermann, Sega

“Waste” Heat Sources and Their Impact on District Heating Network Design & Project Economics – Dan Kelley, Ramboll 

Thursday, February 23

5A – Resilient Campus Networks & Central Plant Demand Side Nexus
Moderator: Michael Ahern, Ever-Green Energy 

5B – Innovative Operating Strategies
Moderator: Mark Vogler, Citizens Thermal 

5C – District Cooling & CHP
Moderator: Chris Decker, Bond Brothers 

5D – Tools & Techniques for Systems Control & Optimization
Moderator: Michael Boswell, Concord Engineering 

Resiliency and Efficiency: Optimizing the Integration of a CHP into an Urban Academic Medical CampusAdam Vesterholt & John Bartlik, New York University Medical Center


University of Virginia: Optimizing Chiller Efficiencies via Innovative Tube Fouling Prevention Justin Callihan,University of Virginia; Michael Crocker, Innovas Technologies

Biomass Cogeneration: Demonstration to Baseload – Paul Holt, University of British Columbia

Increasing Project ROI by Optimizing Onsite Campus CHP Units via Advanced Software Max Majkowski, Siemens; Todd Schonewille, Algonquin College 


Building a Resilient Campus Energy Infrastructure Network – Sathish Anabathula, University of Virginia; Devin Keeler,Dewberry Engineers


Construction Insight: Improving Pipe Flushing for New Building Connections, Texas Campus Cases Studies – Russell Buras, PurgeRite


Thermally Activated Cooling Technology for District CoolingPiyush Patel, Thermax 


End to End Chilled Water Optimization at the Merck West Point Site Michael Nyhan, Merck; Travis Smith, Smith Engineering; Dan Shirley, Thermo Systems


New York City Steam & Public Housing Projects: District Energy Recovery & ResilienceAlan Glynn, Arup; Armand Agasian, ConEdison; Bomee Jung, Vice–President for Energy and Sustainability, Capital Projects at NYCHA

Demand Side Operations For Microgrid Managers at Chicago's  Shedd AquariumDrew Gravitt, Schneider Electric

Hybridized Variable Speed Chilled Water Pumping Configuration Using Constant Speed PumpsJoe Witchger & Brendan Huss, HGA Architects and Engineers

District Energy and the Internet of Things: Benefits of a Connected SystemAdam Strynadka, DeviceLynk

Eliminate HVAC System Inefficiencies to Reclaim a Sustainable Future – Jeff Creighton, Flow Control Industries; Jim Riley, Texas A&M University 

Take Control of your Hydronic Systems with Differential Pressure Control Bart Decker, IMI Hydronic Engineering

Converting an Ice-Storage Plant from Ammonia to Traditional Refrigerant - Ryan Richard & Greg Kronaizl, Farris Engineering; Dan Dixon, District Energy Corporation 

Machine Learning for Optimized Chiller Staging Ben Erpelding, Optimum Energy

The Utility Plant and Demand Side Nexus – Tejas Pevekar & Juan Ontiveros, The University of Texas at Austin

Update on Permanent Magnet Motor Technology for Energy Savings on Cooling Tower FansPaul Humbert, Tower Engineering

Look Off-Campus for Achieving Sustainability and Resiliency Goals - Jim Lodge, NRG 

Optimization and Ongoing Analytics of Chilled Water System, From Plant to Building LoadsJames Hand, University of California, San Francisco

Poster Exhibits – Presenters will be available by their posters to answer questions

6A – Feasibility , Ownership and Financing for CHP& District Energy Projects

Moderator: Richard Rappa, CHA Consulting

6C –Thermal Energy Storage
Moderator: John Andrepont, The Cool Solutions Company

6D – Creative Campus Energy Solutions
Moderator: David Adamian, GreenerU 

The CHP Value Proposition Isaac Panzarella, DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnerships

Optimizing Turbine Inlet Chilling with Thermal Energy StorageGuy Frankenfield,DN Tanks; Trey Sims, TAS

Squeezing More Out of Your Existing Buildings: Moving Beyond the Low Hanging Fruit - David Adamian, GreenerU 

An Update on Financial Incentives for Energy Efficiency, CHP and District Energy ProjectsRod Schwass, Jacobs Engineering

Community Colleges Optimizing Energy Use with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Tanks John Strybos, Alamo Colleges

District Cooling: A Heating Highway – Scott McCord, University of Minnesota

Ownership and Financing Strategies for Campus CHP Anne Hampson, ICF 

Trials and Victories: Design & Operation of New CHW Plant and Second TES Tank at UT AustinMichael Manoucheri, The University of Texas at Austin; Jeffrey Easton, Burns & McDonnell

Confronting Murphy’s Law:  Dealing with Energy Price Uncertainty in Your CHP ProjectMatt Haakenstad, Kinect Energy Group

Campus Energy Delegates Luncheon—Sponsored by Concord Engineering, Siemens & U.S. Department of Energy CHP TAPs

Poster Exhibits – Presenters will be available by their posters to answer questions

7A – Water Management Strategies
Moderator: Nate Cesarz, Affiliated Engineers 

7B Biomass & Clean Renewable District Heating
Moderator: TBD

7C – Symposium PEER DES 2.0
Moderator: TBD

7D – Commissioning: Central Plants
Moderator: TBD

Hydronic Chemical Treatment at the Georgia Institute of TechnologyCasey  Charepoo, Georgia Institute of Technology

Design & Implementation of Modern Biomass SystemsDan Wilson, Wilson Engineering Services

Update on LEED/PEER DES 2.0 – Tim Griffin , RMF Engineering

♦ PEER Screening Application Case Studies – Courtney Yan, USGBC

♦ New PEER/LEED Interface for District Energy Systems– Ken Simpson, USGBC

♦ Open Discussion/Q&A

Commissioning and the Impact on District Energy at Oberlin College Meghan Riesterer, Oberlin College; Jeremy Bartlett, RMF Engineering

The Hidden Variable – The True Cost of Air in Hydronic Systems – Stephen Clinton, Spirotherm

Future Proofing Dalhousie's Energy Platforms for the 21st Century - Darrell Boutilier & Rochelle Owen, Dalhousie University; Michael Conte, FVB Energy 

Central Plant Commissioning – Realizing Your Reliability and Efficiency Goals Nicholas Rauth, Burns & McDonnell

How to Better Control Legionella in Cooling Towers and Water Systems Thomas Muilenberg, MIOX

USFS Technical Assistance Program for Modern Wood Energy SystemsDan Wilson, Wilson Engineering Services

Central Energy Plant Commissioning: Factory Acceptance Testing of ControlsAlan Miller, Affiliated Engineers

8A – Innovative Partnerships
Moderator: Nathan Ninemire, Sega 

8B – Geothermal for District Energy
Moderator: Barry Beck, I.C. Thomasson Associates 

8C – Thermal Networks
Moderator: Steve Bowman, Wiley Wilson 

8D – Human Machine Interfaces for High Performance
Moderator: Serge Zinger, Thermo System 

Adversary vs. Partner: the Local Utility and the University - Mitch Lampley, Vanderbilt University; Brandon Travis, Bernhard Energy

Geothermal Lake Plate Cooling and Sustainability at Nashville International Airport Christine Vitt, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority; David Rehse, Energy Systems Group

Maintaining Energy Efficiency & Extending Service life of Pre–insulated PipesEmilio Morales, Kuraray America

Deploying More Intuitive HMI Graphics in Accordance with the ISA Standards Matthew Rawson, Thermo Systems

District Energy Goes to Class at MizzouGregg Coffin, University of Missouri Deep Well Geothermal Energy in a CHP Scheme to Achieve a Net-Zero Supertall Building Campus in Jakarta - Sergio Sadaba, Skidmore Owings & Merrill Zero Impact Campus Invasion for Thermal Network Conversion at Stanford UniversityPatrick Kantor & Paul Beckman, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Co. 

High Performance Graphics for Improved Operator Interface at the University of Northern IowaDave Howell, Sega; Brent Maitland, University of Northern Iowa 

Campus Forum Meeting
A forum for open discussion among college and university personnel
Business Partner Forum Meeting – 
A forum for manufacturers/suppliers and service providers

Friday, February 24

Breakfast and Technical Tour Presentations

Technical Tours – Advanced registration required.
Tour will visit – University of Miami Miller Medical School Central Energy Plant
All buses will drop participants at the airport before returning to the hotel.
Tour will depart at 9:15 am.

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