Public Citizen, Texas named as Industry Ally by CHP industry

The Texas Combined Heat and Power Initiative (TXCHPI) has recognized the advocacy group Public Citizen, Texas as CHP Industry Ally for 2012. The CHP Ally recognition is given to an individual, company or organization that forms an alliance with the CHP industry and takes action for the betterment of all.

Rich Herweck
Rich Herweck

Public Citizen is a nonprofit organization that formed their alliance with the CHP industry in Texas by producing and distributing informative fact sheets about CHP and its benefits, promoting CHP as an energy efficiency measure to reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants, advocating for an increased goal for use of energy efficiency by utilities, and for ensuring energy efficiency incentive funds are available for CHP projects. In 2011 Public Citizen expressed support for a legislative measure aimed at cutting red tape for obtaining air permits for small-scale CHP projects. The measure passed the Texas Legislature and the new rules for CHP air permits went into effect in 2012.

Rich Herweck, President of TXCHPI and CEO of RobustEnergy, said, “As an organization, Public Citizen can be found at nearly every regulatory and legislative meeting where energy issues are being discussed and debated to present critical information and ask the tough questions. The staff is top-notch and whenever they get a chance to espouse CHP they are quick to say that CHP is a path to energy efficiency, energy reliability and improved air quality. We are glad to have them working with us to promote CHP in all of its related forms.”

The award was presented at the TXCHPI’s recent CHP2012 conference and trade show in Houston, Texas. The event was attended by industry professionals from across the nation and has become one of the nation’s largest CHP industry events.

TXCHPI is an association of business interests that supports CHP technology applications in industrial, commercial and institutional settings throughout Texas.

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