NFOŚiGW to spend billions to fight smog in Poland

Alexander Richter reports on news published on the Polish website Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Srodowiska i Gospodark Wodnej (NFOŚiGW) (The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management) that the government of Poland has launched an ambitious $2.4 billion program to help clean up the air in cities – funded through its own and EU funds. A portion of that—up to $120 million—will be to support a competition for geothermal energy projects in the country that will connect with district energy systems. In Polish the effort is summed up as “NFOŚiGW wydaje miliardy na walkę ze smogiem”—”NFOŚiGW spends billions to fight smog.”

Smog over Warsaw, Poland (Picture taken November 2015: source: flickr/ Radek Koakowski, Creative Commons)

Smog over Warsaw, Poland (Picture taken November 2015: source: flickr/ Radek Koakowski, Creative Commons)

The budget of PLN 500 million ($120 million) and its intended form of financing is a loan or a preferential loan on market terms or capital investment. The prerequisite for financing is documented ability to receive thermal energy (including the ability to connect the source to the existing district heating network). This offer does not apply to recreational use of geothermal waters or spas.

The geothermal plan is part of a new program launched by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Poland to improve air quality in Poland. The entire program is projected to cost PLN 10 billion ($2.4 billion) program, and will be funded through EU funds and national sources. The funding will support several activities and priority programs, coordinated and produced by the National Fund involving complex investment activities, educational and monitoring. The geothermal program, called Region is just one of the proposals to reduce low-emissions and increase energy efficiency in Poland.

It is described that developers could assume support for investments, as new construction, expansion or modernization of existing heating / geothermal power plants; modernization or expansion of existing sources of energy production for district heating plants / geothermal power plants and the execution or reconstruction of the borehole, provided they do not qualify to make a hole research. The beneficiaries of these activities can be an entrepreneur.



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