Silent Lectures at the University

A leading university in the UK has invested in a virtually silent, low-emission cogeneration (combined heat and power “CHP”) plant. The natural-gas fired unit from Alfagy, a leading supplier of CHP systems, will provide power and heat to the campus to save both money and energy use. The following information was provided by Alfagy to IDEA.

In May 2016, a CHP system inside a container was delivered on a flatbed truck to an energy center in London, United Kingdom. After extensive district heating refurbishing and building works, the unit from Alfagy, a leading CHP supplier, is being prepared for commissioning and service to the University.

The prime mover is a natural gas-fueled 10-cylinder, 22 liter (1,342 cu. in.) displacement reciprocating diesel engine with a rated output of 500 kWe and 608 kWt. Because the system is installed outside on campus grounds, the university’s prerequisite to Alfagy, the manufacturer of the system, was a very low noise level when the plant was ordered. The sound level achieved by the installed system is a remarkable 35 dBA, which is barely a whisper at 10 meters (32.8 feet). The result is that running the unit at full power during lectures will not interrupt learning at the university.

View of the Alfagy N500 system, which was enclosed in a second, noise-insulating container, and mounted outside on the campus grounds. (Photo: Alfagy)

To achieve this low sound emission level, the CHP system had to have several layers of muffling material installed inside its container.  In addition, the unit has a sound enclosure around it to create a box within a box to achieve virtual silence.

The Alfagy CHP unit was chosen after an exhaustive investigation of competitors’ sound profile and value proposition. The selection process lasted some 2 years and involved numerous consultancies.

The result is that the students and professors will be able to pursue their academic endeavors in quiet but to background noise of busy London streets.

Once in operation, the CHP system will also contribute 90°C (194°F) hot water to a local district heating system, which provides heating and hot water to the campus. During operating hours, the system is expected to provide approximately 40% savings on the energy costs due to it efficiencies.

(The name of the university cannot be disclosed due to a confidentiality clause in the supply contract.)

About Alfagy. Alfagy is a leading supplier of efficient energy and power generation equipment.  The product portfolio includes biomass boilers, power generators, and combined heat & power (CHP) plants.  The plants use diverse fuels such as wood pellets, wood chips, straw, biogas and natural gas to deliver efficient heat and power to homes and businesses globally.

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