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The IDEA Online Resource Guide is an excellent source for locating best-of-breed providers of services, products and technology to the district energy industry.

Operational Optimization

For over a decade, Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, and institutions have relied on ICETEC proprietary energy technology to achieve measurable energy savings, reduce their carbon footprint, and implement smart grid strategies. ICETEC clients achieve unparalleled transparency in risk management structure and execution. The result is significant savings in energy costs while increasing fuel diversity flexibility behind the meter – ensuring that they can meet their green energy objectives. We enable active load management for customers employing industrial refrigeration, institutions with generative or co-generative assets, district energy systems, and thermal storage. In a volatile world of energy expenditures and power demands, ICETEC clients know their future is in control.

One East Broad Street
Suite 540
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018
302-477-1794 fax
E-mail: dferro@icetec.com
Contact: David Ferro


Kiltech Inc.
Kiltech Inc. provides self-learning and self-calibrating, real time, automated central plant optimization called CPECS (Central Plant Energy Control System). CPECS utilizes continual data feedback loops and advanced control algorithms to process central plant data in real time to analyze the load profiles, climate data and equipment performance. CPECS implements a precise load based matching approach that implements the optimal operating points to minimize the energy consumption for entire central plant while respecting operating parameters along with chiller, tower, building flow and temperature limitations.

1840 Trans-Canada Highway
Dorval, H9P 1H7
(514) 429-1511
(514) 683-6013 fax
E-mail: josh.kahan@kiltechcontrols.com
Contact: Joshua Kahan




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