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The IDEA Online Resource Guide is an excellent source for locating best-of-breed providers of services, products and technology to the district energy industry.

Consulting - Environmental

EnTech Engineering, Inc.
By stacking various combinations of infrared thermography (IR) , ground penetrating microwave radar (GPR), light detection & ranging (LIDAR), and magnetic flux, we provide our clients superior imaging & documentation of hidden and subsurface anomalies. We analyze, characterize & solve problems for small areas as well as those spanning hundreds of miles. Our expertise includes: detecting leaks in pipelines locating pavement delaminations & subsurface erosion in bridges / roadways / airports mapping underground utilities / tunnels / buried assets detecting erosion voids and future sinkholes locating deterioration in levees / waterways locating underground storage tanks hazardous leak mapping

St. Louis, Missouri 63011
E-mail: info@entechworld.com
Contact: David Skaggs


Underground Energy, LLC
Underground Energy offers unique expertise with seasonal thermal energy storage in aquifers and borehole fields. With decades of Earth engineering experience, our value proposition is to optimize the performance of the Earth couple using Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) to cool and/or heat large buildings and district energy systems. Significant energy savings can be realized in comparison to conventional geothermal heating and cooling systems, particularly when chilled water can be stored in an aquifer in winter, and used for direct cooling the following summer. We team with engineers, architects, non-profits, developers and thermal energy users who seek value in sustainability

Lancaster, Massachusetts 01523
E-mail: mark.worthington@underground-energy.com
Contact: Mark Worthington




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