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Austin Energy targets 65% renewables by 2027

target 65% renewable energy by 2027, one of... including 75% to 80% renewable energy by 2027...the most ambitious clean energy goals in...Austin Energy, a member of IDEA, will study

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Smart partnerships pilot Pittsburgh’s renewable energy plunge

transition to 100 percent renewable energy by...dirty fuels to renewable energy, but it will...Kim Riley, Daily Energy Insider...for 100 percent Clean Energy, a coalition

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Business Opportunity - King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy

Abdullah City of Atomic & Renewable Energy...from installing renewable energy generation...microgrids for integrated energy storage and thermal solutions


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New North Shore sewage treatment plant could produce renewable energy

a system to capture thermal energy from...agreement to sell the energy to the the City of...North Vancouver’s Lonsdale produce basically free energy that

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The future of urban sustainability is renewable district energy

of energy consumption is in buildings...which is one reason that energy efficiency...and renewable electricity have received so...actually the largest single use of energy consumption. While most American