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Microgrid/Smartgrid Research Facility: Scope, Hazards Analysis and Research Focus

Summary This one of a kind facility broke new ground in terms of renewable energy systems integration. Problems solved included new frontiers on energy included DC arc flash and DC component sourcing. Lessons learned included pioneering of SCADA system allowing for flexibility/optimization of...

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Stanford SESI Performance

Summary Stanford University recently completed a major transformation of their campus infrastructure systems switching from a gas fired combined heat and power system to an electrically fueled combined heat and cooling system. The new system is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions by 68% from...


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Campus Water Sustainability and the Energy-Water Nexus

Summary Campus engineers, architects, and planners are increasingly concerned about the quality, price and availability of water to support campus needs. This session explores sustainability of campus water needs including how to project water rates, their impact on design choices and the best...


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University of Virginia: Energy & Utility Master Plan and Cogeneration Study

Summary This presentation will review some of the more interesting recommendations of the University of Virginia's master plan, such as extending a new approximately 15 mile natural gas service to the University. Some of the more unique methods that were used to produce and deliver the master...


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Turning Adversity into Opportunity: The UTMB Galveston Story

Summary In September of 2008 Hurricane Ike made landfall on Galveston Island ravaging more than one million square feet of building space at UTMB Galveston. Flooding on campus reached up to six feet causing the immediate failure of all campus utility systems. The two existing heating and...


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Engine Driven CHP for Small Campus: Texas Wesleyan University

Summary Texas Wesleyan University has recently initiated a campus expansion plan. The University campus with 2650 students and approximately 400,000 square ft of academic and adminisrative buildings was beginning to overload existing campus infrastructure. The expansion efforts provided a new...


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Utilizing CHP for Support of Private and Public Facilities

Summary NC State University is comprised of several different types of campus precincts. One of the precincts is an unusual blend of private and public facilities, which are supported by the University’s utilities. This environment created a novel approach to providing reliable utilities. ...


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Modernization & Optimization of Existing CHP Facility

Summary Following a scale-down in manufacturing production, Caterpillar Mossville Campus CHP based central plant mission changed. The central plant originally included a CHP system consisting of three nominal 15 MW combustion turbines and associated heat recovery equipment, a nominal 5 MW back...


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The Architect of the Capitol: Chilled Water Efficiency Improvements Through Revitalization

Summary The AOC embarked on an aggressive renovation and revitalization project in 2011. The project involved strategic planning and phasing to maintain reliable service to the Capitol's critical loads and work within the funding restrictions of the federal government. The final solution...


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Penn State University Burrowes Road Steam Manhole Repair

Summary Pennsylvania State University produces steam through boilers and as the byproduct of the co-generation of steam and electricity. The normally saturated LPS distribution system experienced a temperature excursion causing damage to the existing piping network. The presentation shows the...