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Chief Engineer’s Log: Real Experiences From Three Decades Of Operating District Energy Systems

Summary In this presentation, the Princeton University Energy Plant’s Chief Engineer will discuss best practices for managing the people, equipment, and processes in a district energy CHP energy plant and what it took to bring it from a 1920’s vintage pneumatically-controlled system to a state...


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Efficiency and Corrosion Benefits of Pre-insulated PEX Piping in Campus Systems

Summary This presentation will include the design and installation process of pre-insulated PEX piping system that reduces service and operating costs while increasing the serviceable life of the three listed campus projects: Colorado School of Mines’ Weaver Towers, Fort Lewis College, and...


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The Foundation for a High Efficiency Plant: Operator Training and Practical Thinking

Summary With the introduction of advanced equipment and complex optimization, operators must have a fundamental understanding and training of the system and equipment. WM Group has a contract with a prominent pharmaceutical firm to review plant operation on a daily basis and advice operators...

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Overrunning Clutches for Optimizing Technology and Operation in Turbines

Summary Overrunning clutches in District Energy systems lower CAPEX, reduce operating costs and improve flexibility. Description of overrunning clutches types. Applications: 1- district heating comparing economics of HP+Clutch+LP turbine to the alternative of a single auto-extraction turbine, 2...

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Acoustic Pipe Wall Thickness Testing for Leak Detection in Aging Mains

Summary As pressurized mains age, they leak more, leak quieter, and have higher risks of catastrophic failure. Facility and campus managers are adopting acoustic pipe wall thickness testing (APWTT) to improve Master Planning decisions. The presentation includes case studies from campuses and...


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Thin Wall Piping: What’s the Big Deal?

Summary European district heating systems based on hot water have been installed for well over 50 years throughout Scandinavia, Russia and Central Europe. Hot water is typically distributed at temperatures below 250° F. In support of these systems, European manufacturers have developed pre...


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Innovative Drying Solution for Flooded Steam Pipes

Summary Water that floods, infiltrates and remains trapped in the annular space and insulation of underground energy distribution systems, if left unaddressed, can compromise the piping to a point where it can fail. We have developed and field-proven a portable, effective and economical system...


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Controls Master Planning Process leads to campus-wide BAS Upgrade

Summary This presentation provides an overview of building automation systems and the planning process to implement them by looking at a case study. Speakers Cory Abramowicz, Environmental System Design Steven Brown, Environmental System Design #2015 #CampusEnergyConference ...

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Hydraulic Modeling of NRG Energy Center Downtown Minneapolis System

Summary The NRG Energy Center Minneapolis has developed a hydraulic model of their chilled water distribution system. It will be used for management, operation, engineering and maintenance of the 40,000 ton downtown system. Real-Time hydraulic modeling is a cornerstone of this new platform....

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Distribution Piping Materials: Building Hydronic System Management

Summary This workshop provides insight into Texas A&M's experience with HDPE piping through the examination of several campus projects. Speaker Jim Riley, Texas A&M University #2015 #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #ThermalDistribution #TexasAM #Texas #UnitedStates ...

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