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University of Arizona Enterprise Energy Management System

Speakers Justin Thomas, InStep Software #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #InStepSoftware #UniversityofArizona #Arizona #CampusEnergy


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Comprehensive Carbon Emission Target Plan for Arizona State University

Summary Rocky Mountain Institute, in partnership with Ameresco Inc., helped Arizona State University develop a comprehensive plan (our case study) to meet one of the most aggressive carbon targets in the country – 100% reduction by 2025. Our approach integrated building efficiency, central...


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District Energy System Under Downtown Phoenix Cools More Than 40 Buildings

Annika Cline, KJZZ News The Valley is still going to see highs above 100 during the month of September. For people from cooler places, that can be unfathomable. But it is bearable, thanks to the wonders of air conditioning. There are times where it's a hundred outside but you might need a light...

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Conversion from Traditional Biocide to MIOX On-Site Generation at NRG Phoenix Chilled Water Plant

Summary NRG Phoenix operates a large chilled water plant in downtown Phoenix serving multiple customers through a large chilled water system. Chilled water is produced at three separate facilities with a common chilled water loop. The facility switched from a traditional biocide program using...


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Symposium: Energy - Water District Cooling Nexus for Arid Regions

Summary The presentation compares the magnitude of water and energy in urban cooling in Phoenix and Dubai. A simple graphic method is used to depict the flow of water, fuel, and electric energy from source to final consumption. Imbedded costs of water-in-energy, energy-in-water, and energy...


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Downtown Tucson 2050 - beyond the site line of a standard city plan

Summary This presentation outlines a pedagogical experiment conducted between the University of Arizona College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture; GLHN Architects & Engineers; City of Tucson; and Pima County. This academic, public, private partnership projected a vision...


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Bringing Water Treatment In House - Monitoring and Control Strategies and Improved Results

Summary The NRG Phoenix facility is a large chilled water facility with multiple plants and a single chilled water distribution system. Water conservation in Phoenix is critical as is preserving asset life and maintaining overall facility efficiency. Issues with the existing water treatment...


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NRG Energy Center Phoenix: An Oasis in the Desert

David Gaier, NRG Energy June 21, 2017 Summary On Tuesday, June 20, the air temperature in Phoenix reached 120 degrees. Extreme, even for that location, the truly remarkable thing was that dozens of flights at Sky Harbor International Airport were canceled because the aircraft could simply not...

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How a Second Look at Your CHP Can Save You Significant Headaches

Summary This presentation will walk the audience through the step-by-step process of assessing conditions for the installation of a 2nd combustion turbine generator/heat recovery steam generator train and the screening of other technologies such as reciprocating engines, fuel cells, and smart...


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Active Emergency Management for Central Plants: U of Arizona Case Study

Summary I n April 2015, the University of Arizona (UA) contracted with McKinstry to help their Facilities Management organization make an operational paradigm shift from theoretical to data driven decision-making by implementing an Active Energy Management Program. This program optimizes the...