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Case Studies in West Coast Community Energy: Stanford University, UCDSC, and the University of Washington

Speakers Nate Cesarz & Bruce McLay, Affiliated Engineers #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #CampusEnergy #StanfordUniversity #UniversityofCaliforniaDavis #California #AffiliatedEngineers #Sacramento #Seattle #Washington #PaloAlto #CaseStudy #HeatRecovery

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Updates at the Los Angeles International Airport

Summary Project Description (George) Overview of the Team Project Challenges & Constraints Project Overall Scope Terminal Pump Room Upgrades Project (Steve) General Approach 2011 Trended Data (pre-upgrade) Current Trends with Upgrades Results Speakers Steve...


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Assessing District Energy Feasibility for a Planned Type 1 Eco-District

Summary This presentation will summarize a district energy feasibility study for a potential mixed-use district in San Francisco. The team developed and assessed a variety of generation and distribution configurations for a district system serving new commercial, retail, residential and...

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Orange County CA District Energy System Master Plan and Renewal

Civic Center Campus Central Utility Facility, Orange County, CA. 1. Plant History 2. Background Planning Process 3. Findings (CHW, Steam, CHP) 4. Results / Recommendations 5. Next Steps Speakers Kevin Fox, Jacobs Engineering #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 ...


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DCO Energy Acquires Three More Combined Heat and Power Plants

Press Release, DCO Energy Plants Provide Electricity, and Process Steam to Industries in California, Massachusetts and New Jersey Mays Landing, NJ - Atlantic County based DCO Energy, LLC, a member of IDEA, announced that it has acquired three combined heat and power (CHP) plants from...

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Repowering LAX: District Cooling, TES & CHP Blend

Summary Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is in the midst of a multi-billion dollar modernization and growth program. Its aged Central Utility Plant and infrastructure has been replaced with a state of the art facility, doubling the capacity of their district cooling system to address...


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Stanford SESI Performance

Summary Stanford University recently completed a major transformation of their campus infrastructure systems switching from a gas fired combined heat and power system to an electrically fueled combined heat and cooling system. The new system is anticipated to reduce carbon emissions by 68% from...


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Stanford University: Steam to Hot Water in 33 Months

Summary This presentation discusses all components of the Stanford steam to hot water conversion project - a component of the larger Stanford Energy Systems Innovations (SESI) program - completed in March 2015. Stanford transitioned from a natural-gas cogeneration plant to a heat recovery...


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Predictive Cost Optimization Using Model Predictive Control

Summary Summarizes the Stanford Energy System Innovation (SESI) sustainability project. SESI was designed to meet energy needs of the Stanford campus through at least 2050. After four years of planning and three years of construction the facility came online in 2015. This presentation relates...


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California Releases $44.7 Million for Microgrid Grants; Applications Due Oct. 20

Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge August 7, 2017 Summary California has begun offering microgrid grants totaling $44.7 million to woo projects that will help it achieve its clean energy goals. Issued August 4, the grant offering (GFO-17-302) adds California to a group of states now actively...