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A trio of storms could mean grid modernization in hard-hit areas

Robert Walton, Utility Dive Summary Florida, Puerto Rico and Texas all have an opportunity to reassess their power system. When Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to millions of Northeast residents in 2012, it forced a reckoning for the electric power industry. Utilities began investing...

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5MW CHP Microgrid at Gainesville Regional Utilities

Summary Over the past decade, several market influences have led to an increased interest and installation of distributed generation, cogeneration, combined heat and power and microgrids. Today’s natural gas prices and the increasing cost to utilities for environmental compliance create an...

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Two Chilled Water Plants, One System?

Summary Designing and operating a district chilled water facility has many issues to be addressed. What happens when there are two plants? Each designed by a different engineer and with individual clients. How to you merge the two plants into one cohesive operation. Pump heads, system pressures...

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Learning From Successful Real World Healthcare Microgrids

Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge July 28, 2017 Summary This is the sixth and final article in a series that looks at how healthcare microgrids open the door to more reliable, clean, lower cost energy in hospitals, and more resilient communities. When a storm knocks out your neighborhood...

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Eight Flags Energy CHP Plant Honored With 2017 Southeastern Electric Exchange Industry Excellence Award

Press Release, Electric Energy Online July 12, 2017 Chesapeake Utilities Corporation Eight Flags Energy CHP Plant Honored With 2017 Southeastern Electric Exchange Industry Excellence Award The Southeastern Electric Exchange, Inc. (SEE) has recognized the Eight Flags Energy Combined Heat and...

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The Power of Collaboration on CHP: Benefits of Utility Ownership of CHP as a Base Load Resource at Key Customer Sites

Summary Combined heat and power (CHP) is the most efficient method of generating power on the planet. Even so, utilities have traditionally not evaluated or deployed CHP as a supply resource, often viewing it as a competing, customer-owned resource which should be avoided. Today, some...


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Gainesville Regional Utilities: Reciprocating Engine CHP

Summary This presentation will provide details on the installation of a reciprocating engine within the existing South Energy Center in Gainesville, Florida. The focus will be on key drivers for the technology selection and how the plant has evolved to a mixed installation of combustion turbine...