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Steam Piping Condition Assessments at Princeton University Using Ultrasonic Guided Wave Testing

Speakers Roger Royer & Fred DeGrooth, Structural Integrity Associates #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #Operations #StructuralIntegrityAssociates #Purdue University #Princeton #NewJersey

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Workforce Management, Recruiting, Training and Retention

Summary A discussion on workforce management, recruiting and training from Princeton University's perspective. Speaker Tom Nyquist #2015 #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #TalentManagement #Princeton #NewJersey #UnitedStates


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Chief Engineer’s Log: Real Experiences From Three Decades Of Operating District Energy Systems

Summary In this presentation, the Princeton University Energy Plant’s Chief Engineer will discuss best practices for managing the people, equipment, and processes in a district energy CHP energy plant and what it took to bring it from a 1920’s vintage pneumatically-controlled system to a state...


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What are microgrids and what are their benefits

Summary This workshop summarizes the characteristics and benefits of a microgrid. Speaker Ted Borer, Princeton University #2015 #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #Princeton #Resiliency #Reliability #UnitedStates

Microgrids for IDEA - BORER.pdf

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Seoul Energy Visits Princeton's Energy Plant

Emily Riskalla, International District Energy Association On September 21, 2017, Baird Brown and Ted Borer, of the Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) with Dr. John Byrne, head of the Foundation for Renewable Energy and Environment and the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy at the...

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Microgrids and Their Unique Capabilities

Summary This workshop overviews microgrids and demonstrates how they interact with the larger grid as a whole. It features the role that CHP plants can play as anchors in microgrids. Speaker Ted Borer, Princeton University #UnitedStates #2016 #AnnualConference #Microgrids ...


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Princeton University 4,500 Ton Steam Turbine Chiller Control Panel Retrofit For Optimal Chiller/Turbine Control

Summary Princeton University replaced the OEM chiller control panel on its Carrier 17DA 4,500 ton steam turbine chiller. The chiller is the main ‘work horse’ of the central energy plant at Princeton University. The upgraded control panel provides improved operating capabilities and increased...


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Can a district energy system help to keep your electricity rates low? It does at Princeton University!

Paige Davis, IDEA July 31, 2017 Summertime is synonymous with school vacations, beach days, and summer bbq’s. For those in the utility business it also means high electricity demand driven by high temperatures and heat waves. July 2017 has seen new peak records in Texas and Alberta as well...

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Princeton University Receives 2017 IDEA Innovation Award

Tom Nyquist from Princeton University (center) receives IDEA's 2017 Innovation Award from IDEA President Rob Thornton (left) and Bob Smith, RMF Engineering (right) at IDEA's 108th Annual Conference & Trade Show on June 23rd in Scottsdale, AZ. Princeton University Receives 2017 IDEA...

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CampusEnergy2012 Student Video Contest Winner: Princeton University

Summary Launched in 2012, the Campus Energy Student Video Contest challenges students from IDEA member institutions to create a short video about their campus energy plant, focused on district energy and/or combined heat and power (CHP). The 2012 winner from Princeton University shares how...