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Discussion: Competing with on-Site Options: Value Proposition, NPV Cases, and Research on Real World Boiler Eficiency

Speakers Stephen Kutska, Xcel Energy Steve Tredinnick, Burns & McDonnell Jon Wohl, DCO Energy LLC #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #BusinessDevelopment #XcelEnergy #DCOEnergy #BurnsandMcDonnell #LifeCycleAnalysis


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Combustion Turbine Selection and Optimization: Harvard Blackstone CHP Expansion

Summary Harvard is expanding CHP capability at its Blackstone facility by adding a new 7.5 MW combustion turbine and HRSG to improve environmental performance and campus energy supply reliability. A study will be described that established feasibility, screened multiple options, and selected...

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Challenges of Integrating CHP into High-rise Office Towers

Summary Integrating CHP into high-rise office buildings presents a set of difficult challenges. Siting CHP units within the building and designing adequate cooling air, combustion air, vibration and sound attenuation and exhaust compete for precious floor space and building exterior surface...

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Dispatching for Dollars: Host to Economically Dispatch Existing Assets

Speakers Kurt Koenig, Burns & McDonnell #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #Operations #BurnsandMcDonnell


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Speed to Market: Fast Track Project Implementation

Summary Why the Need for Speed? How Do I Go Fast? Design Bid Build with Early Procurement Construction Manager (CM at Risk or CM Agent) Design – Build What is Different? / How Do I Do It? Compare and contrast the methods Case Studies Purdue University Chiller Replacement Enwave ...


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Updates at the Los Angeles International Airport

Summary Project Description (George) Overview of the Team Project Challenges & Constraints Project Overall Scope Terminal Pump Room Upgrades Project (Steve) General Approach 2011 Trended Data (pre-upgrade) Current Trends with Upgrades Results Speakers Steve...


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Turbine or Engine? That is the Question

Summary CHP comes in several different sizes and shapes. This presentation will compare and contrast two of the predominant technologies employed: Combustion Turbines and Gas Fired Reciprocating Engines. The presentation will look at key drivers for technology selection including load,...


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Navigating the Clean Air Act

Summary Basics • Single Source • Major Thresholds • Dispersion Modeling Examples University of Kansas Hospital Authority Parkland Health and Hospital System Penn State Speakers Robynn Andracsek, Burns & McDonnell #AnnualConference ...


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3D Documentation with the "Speed of Light"

Summary Most projects struggle with the accuracy of the existing as-built documentation. Any projects with existing structures, equipment, piping and etc. that have critical connection or penetration locations require accurate documentation. Almost all existing structures requiring...


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Combined Heat and Power: Reaping the Benefits of Changed Market Conditions

Summary Conventional wisdom has long held that the most cost-effective and reliable source of energy is the utility grid — arguably humanity’s largest and most complex machine. Although many hospitals and other critical facilities would prefer to control their destinies by generating their own...