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Reclaiming Water in Pender County, North Carolina

Summary Pender County, North Carolina is building a satellite water reclamation plant utilizing ecological treatment techniques to provide wastewater treatment services for the US Highway 421 corridor and provide reclaimed water for a future industrial park. The plant, known as a WaterHub™,...


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Integrating Standby Power and Steam Turbine Chillers for Better Resiliency at UNC Chapel Hill

Summary The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill partnered with Sebesta to develop an integrated performance and financial plan to improve Campus Utility Infrastructure Resiliency serving critical loads. Sebesta was tasked with upgrading standby levels of electric, chilled water and...

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Comprehensive Electric Distribution Master Planning at NC State University

Summary Like many universities, North Carolina State University’s (NCSU) on-going, essential campus expansion resulted in numerous unplanned modifications to the electrical distribution system. Safely aligning the resultant system for balancing load flow or facilitating equipment maintenance...

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Centennial Campus Smart Grid Master Plan for North Carolina State University

Summary This presentation will review the development of a Smart Grid Master Plan for NC State Centennial campus. The smart grid projects evaluated included distributed generation, grid resiliency and security, energy optimization, smart grid control system, and research support. The study...

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Medium Voltage System Upgrade at a VA Medical Center

Summary Discussion of a medium voltage distribution system upgrade for a Veterans Affairs Medical Center campus using automation integrated with protective relaying to provide a reliable, robust system. This approach is scalable and includes loop fault detection, fault isolation, loop...

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Automation and Protection of a Naval Facility Microgrid with CHP and Standby Generation

Summary Design discussion of 13.2kV distribution microgrid for a Naval Support Facility to support new local generation including gas turbine CHP and diesel standby generators. Detailed review of protection and control system which allows seamless transition between utility power and on site...

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Community Energy and Microgrid Ownership Models

Summary This workshop focuses on the experience that Duke University had building and operating their own CHP plant. Speaker Aurel Selezeanu, Duke University #CampusEnergy #Workshop #DukeUniversity #UnitedStates #NorthCarolina #EnergyEfficiency #DukeEnergy #Microgrids ...


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Utilizing CHP for Support of Private and Public Facilities

Summary NC State University is comprised of several different types of campus precincts. One of the precincts is an unusual blend of private and public facilities, which are supported by the University’s utilities. This environment created a novel approach to providing reliable utilities. ...


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Siemens starts field tests of high efficiency GT technology

Modern Power Systems Augsut 8, 2017 Summary Siemens, a member of IDEA, has started field trials of its next generation gas turbine technology. Following component testing and prototype testing in its own facilities, the company is now pursuing validation under real field conditions with the...

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The Power of Collaboration on CHP: Benefits of Utility Ownership of CHP as a Base Load Resource at Key Customer Sites

Summary Combined heat and power (CHP) is the most efficient method of generating power on the planet. Even so, utilities have traditionally not evaluated or deployed CHP as a supply resource, often viewing it as a competing, customer-owned resource which should be avoided. Today, some...


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