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Denmark launches district heating cost-benefit tool

Tildy Bayar, Decentralized Energy Summary Denmark’s energy agency has launched a new tool to evaluate the costs and benefits of district heating compared to individual heating solutions. The District Heating Assessment Tool (DHAT) was developed by engineering consultancy Ramboll and, the...

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Initiative for Innovative Living and Next Generation Infrastructure: Chicago Lakeside Development

Summary Chicago Lakeside Development is a proposed redevelopment of about 600-acres on the former U.S. Steel South Works site on the South Side of Chicago. Ramboll has worked with the client team to outline a LEED-ND certified community. Ramboll has proposed a design concept for sustainable...


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Thermal Energy Networks for Heating and Cooling Downtown Bridgeport

Summary CT developer Nupower Thermal is implementing a new +40MMBTU/h district heating and 5,000 tons district cooling system for downtown Bridgeport. The district energy system will supply two universities, several city & state buildings as well as a handful of commercial buildings.The...

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Sharpening the focus & narrowing the frame

Summary This workshop focuses on energy mapping and the use of GIS tools. Taking the first step in analyzing district energy opportunities starts with creating an Energy Map that identifies areas of demand as well as current and future sources of energy. Using GIS based resources available in...


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Solar thermal in US and Denmark

Summary The presentation will outline the developments within larger solar thermal installations and their benefits for hot water district energy networks. In cities in Denmark solar thermal installations account for up to 50% of the heat demand when coupled with seasonal storage. In St Paul,...


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Energy Planning to Develop a District Energy Project Pipeline

Summary Using tools like GIS to visualize energy demand and supply opportunities enables a pipeline of projects to be identified. This allows resources to be concentrated in areas with the greatest potential. This approach has been successfully developed and implemented across the UK. We see...


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North American district energy systems designed and constructed to European standards

Summary Discussing the benefits realized by the City of Guelph and Sheridan College when they decided to go European when implementing their district energy plans. By combining local regulations with the district energy standards developed over the last 50 years in Europe, clients have...


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Strategic Planning for Campus Energy Infrastructure

Summary This workshop presents a case for integrated use of campus data in the strategic planning process for energy infrastructure. Speaker Pernille Overbye, Ramboll #2016 #UnitedStates #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #Ramboll #NorthAmerica #Data #CampusEnergy


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Low-carbon energy supply study for the City of Cambridge MA

Summary The City of Cambridge has adopted a Climate Plan with the goal to reduce GHG emissions by 80% by 2050, with a 25-year framework for a ‘net-zero’ community. To achieve this goal, the supply of energy must move toward low- or zero-carbon sources. Ramboll is developing an energy supply...


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Ramboll To Help Belgium With Waste-To-Energy Expertise

Ramboll April 5, 2017 Summary An agreement was signed last week with one of Belgium’s leading waste management companies to exchange know-how. Ramboll has agreed to help ISVAG in Antwerp in providing know-how about the role waste-to-energy can play in the development of district heating to...