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What is the Microgrid Resources Coalition?

About the Microgrid Resources Coalition

The Microgrid Resources Coalition (MRC) is a consor­tium of owners, operators, developers, suppliers and investors formed to advocate for policies and regula­tions that support microgrid deployment--especially those anchored by district energy/CHP. The MRC is a subsidiary of IDEA.

The MRC promotes widespread implementation of microgrids by advocating for policy reforms--including laws, regulations and tariffs--that recognize and appropriately value these services, while assuring non-discriminatory access to the grid for a wide variety of microgrid configurations and business models. Our mission is to help establish a level playing field for microgrids through education and policy advocacy among regulators, government agencies, electric utilities, independent system operators and other industry participants.

Barriers to Microgrid Implementation

Despite their many advantages, microgrids face significant barriers to widespread implementation. As a fundamental complication, microgrids face often-conflicting regulation at the federal, state and sometimes local levels.

Who can be a member of the MRC?

Any corporation, partnership or similar organization, or a subsidiary or division of such an organization, that is significantly engaged in the operation and development of microgrids and is committed to promoting the mission of the MRC is eligible for membership in the MRC. Please see the Membership Application for categories.

  • "Significantly engaged" means that an organization owns or operates a microgrid, is directly engaged in developing, supplying or investing in microgrids, or is an organization with a significant proportion of whose membership would qualify as direct members of the association. Entities that support the MRC's mission, but are not significantly engaged with a microgrid, may apply for associate membership.
  • All memberships require MRC Steering Committee approval.
  • The MRC Membership fee is in addition to IDEA membership.

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What is a Microgrid?

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