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Empower Initiates Remote Work Policy and Ensures Uninterrupted Services to Customers

By District Energy posted 03-25-2020 19:15


Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing


Empower has launched a "remote work" initiative, in response to the preventive actions taken by the government, in order to ensure the safety of employees and customers as well as their families. 

The initiative was launched as part of the concerted community efforts to reinforce the intensive precautions being taken in Dubai and all over the Emirates in the face of global developments related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Empower confirmed that this precautionary measures will not have any impact in the level of service provided to more than  120,000 customers and beneficiaries in all areas of Dubai, as the company’s district cooling services are automated by advanced smart systems and technologies that are fully capable of satisfying the requirements of its customers and partners.

The service in the main office will be limited to dropping new registration applications only, and the applicants will be contacted by phone or email to complete the process on their applications.

"Today, Empower is reaping the fruits of its past years efforts that included developing various channels to enable customers to complete their transactions remotely through Empower's smart platforms that save their time, effort and money,"said Ahmad bin Shafar, CEO of Empower.

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