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Are you guilty of wasting heat?

By District Energy posted 25 days ago


Data Centre Dynamics


I am guilty. Let’s get that right out of the way. I am guilty of allowing too many of my clients not to implement waste heat recovery in data center cooling system designs. The reasons throughout the years have been somewhat understandable; the business case has not been viable enough, there have been security issues, worries about mission critical cooling stability, inconvenient refrigerants, lack of investment funding, reluctant district heating utilities, lack of government strategic support…

Those reasons are, as we say here in Finland “Snow of the winters past”. We Finns do like our snow very much and it’s starting to show in what we do, with our government leading the way.

The Finnish government has not only offered the usual stick in form of increased taxes on fossil power plant fuels but also a big carrot for data centers. The carrot, scheduled for implementation in 2021, is a huge electrical tax discount for data centers that supply their waste heat to district heating utility networks. Up until now the lower tax class has been for data centers exceeding 5MW.

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