Aurora Energy, LLC - Plant Engineer

By District Energy posted 10-27-2020 10:04


Aurora Energy, LLC

Plant Engineer


Aurora Energy, LLC is seeking a Plant Engineer to work at their coal fired power plant in downtown Fairbanks, Alaska.  The Plant Engineer will be stationed at the power plant and will report to the President.  The Plant Engineer will serve a vital role of managing all aspects of the district heat system, overseeing district construction projects and providing engineering support to the power plant.

Aurora Energy, LLC is a coal-fired combined heat and power plant which supplies upwards of 27.5 MW of power to Golden Valley Electric Association and district heat to approximately 240 customers located in downtown Fairbanks.  The district heat system is comprised of approximately 6 miles of steam/condensate piping and 12 miles of hot water piping, all owned and maintained by Aurora Energy.  Aurora is committed to providing reliable energy to our customers in a safe manner. 

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