Xcel Energy - Thermal Sales and Development Specialist

By District Energy posted 05-31-2022 18:00


Xcel Energy

Thermal Sales and Development Specialist


Link to apply: https://jobs.xcelenergy.com/job-invite/39894/


Responsible for adding value to the Thermal Steam and Chilled Water businesses through development and closure of profitable new sales agreements for thermal services. Responsible for development and implementation of service expansion.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Negotiates and closes long-term customer contracts for both regulated and unregulated Thermal services. These contracts must meet customer needs while preserving Thermal business profitability with minimum business risk. Ensures that Company's regulated business tariff requirements are met. Insures incorporation of sound contract language/terms. Assists Thermal Customer Service Operations with "service after the sale" to ensure smooth transitions to Thermal solutions.
  • Develops and implements marketing strategies focused on improving utilization of Thermal services, growing market share, customer retention, and improving the visibility and market acceptance of Thermal solutions. Develops and meets Thermal marketing, sales, and development plans and accompanying budgets appropriate to Thermal Director's business goals. Responsible for service promotional campaigns.
  • Develops new areas of related services for Thermal. These may be non-contiguous to current Thermal service areas or may meld existing customer relationships with related business opportunities improving Thermal profitability.
  • Utilizes complex financial analyses and modeling to determine approach to customer pricing and contract terms. Understands how construction costs, customer building conditions and design constraints, and thermal system integration issues impact contract structure and profitability. Prepares financial justification documentation and presentations.
  • Commands a detailed knowledge of customer buildings, commercial and retail HVAC design, and customer/tenant business relationships and requirements and uses this to match customer needs with Thermal application solutions.
  • Develops proposed revenue and sales projections for use in business planning and performance measurement. Contributes to Thermal business by utilizing Management system tools. Makes occasional internal presentations regarding sales and marketing activates and contracts.
  • Actively participates in the district energy industry with special focus on marketing and sales of Thermal services. Active in local business community. Participates in organizations like BOMA, BOAC, etc. to keep abreast of business opportunities for Thermal.


  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering
  • 3 years premium service sales experience with proven track record
  • Must have experience in negotiating multifaceted contracts
  • Requires strong financial knowledge and ability to conduct life-cycle analyses