Radius-Kelit Infrastructure GesmbH

Radius-Kelit Infrastructure GesmbH
Gollensdorf 24
Sankt Valentin 4300
Work: (888) 417-4737
Fax: 050779218

Radius-Kelit Infrastructure GesmbH, a member of the international Radius Systems Group, is an Austria-based manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in the design, production and sales of pre-insulated district heating pipe systems. Product ranges include high-quality conventional pre-insulated rigid and flexible pipe products and innovative new class of fiber reinforced flexible pre-insulated plastic pipe systems FibreFlex PRO and KORDFLEX for elevated temperature and pressure hot water and steam condensate return networks.


  • Distribution Systems & Services
  • Heating Equipment
  • Joints
  • Pipes & Piping Systems
  • System Development