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District Cooling With CHP (4A.1_Chiarotto.pdf)

Edy Chiarotto, Johnson Controls

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CHP for Health Care (6B.1_HAEFKE.pdf)

Cliff Haefke, US DOE Midwest CHP

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CHP for Health Care

CHP TAPs and other available federal...resources. It takes a deep dive into CHP in...#NorthAmerica #CHP #AnnualConference


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CHP Project Delivery Options (3A.1_Peer.pdf)

CHP Project Delivery Options

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The CHP Value Proposition (6A.1_Panzarella.pdf)

Isaac Panzarella, DOE CHP Technical

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The CHP Value Proposition

CHP investments on district energy systems...The value of district energy and CHP with...Panzarella, DOE CHP Technical Assistance...#CHP #2017


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CHP For Higher Education

Assistance Partnership (SW CHP TAP) and IDEA...that come with Combined Heat and Power (CHP...CHP with the assistance of the DOE's CHP... Southwest CHP TAP will give an overview of CHP