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Campus Energy

community. Campus Energy our annual Campus Energy Conference...Why District Energy for Campuses? The

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Campus Energy Plant - Tufts University

Summary The Tufts Story: Optimizing the Economics of a Combined Heat and Power Project. The Tufts application is a departure from previous applications in a way that promotes full market integration and Utility partnerships. Speakers Randall Preston, Tufts University John Webster, ICETEC ...

5B.2_Preston, Webster, National Grid.pdf

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Large Campus Geothermal: Repurposing Energy

heating water and 44°F chilled water. Energy...utilizing energy rejected from another, and vice...versa. This energy exchange occurs while...geothermal bore field loop, a campus distribution


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Integrated Energy Portfolio - Optimizing Campus Energy Use and Procurement

between energy use, finances, risk management...including the CHP District Energy systems at the...University Park Campus. This presentation will...illustrate the integrated energy portfolio


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Strategies for Successful Campus Energy Metering

Summary Dependable campus wide energy...metering is a must-have for every campus energy


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Building a Resilient Campus Energy Infrastructure Network

Summary The University of Virginia, in an effort to minimize and/or eliminate power disruptions that have affected faculty, students and researchers in the UVA Medical Center, has partnered with Dominion Virginia Power to replace overhead electric service with 3 miles of underground...


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Strategic Planning for Campus Energy Infrastructure

for integrated use of campus data in the...strategic planning process for energy


Tufts Energy Conference

What is the Tufts Energy Conference...? The Tufts Energy Conference is an energy issues. The conference is

 02-02-2018 12:30 - 02-03-2018 15:30 ET
 Medford MA