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Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Breweries

from energy. Cogeneration and trigeneration...efficiency. OPRA Turbines offer these two...of a brewery with enhanced energy...efficiency and zero-cost fuel. Poster Session


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Energy efficiency and industry: the national trend

and Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE...among end-use sectors in that its energy...sector’s energy use has fluctuated, its output...[...] contributing to reduced industrial energy use are

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UMass, Eversource partner on campus energy efficiency

annual energy costs under a an energy adviser. Full Article

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The 2017 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard

-sector energy efficiency. Full Article...Nowak, American Council for an Energy...This first edition of the Utility Energy...Efficiency Scorecard assesses the 51 largest US

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Building Energy Efficiency Standards: Implications for District Energy

guidelines exist to rate the energy efficiency of...Standard 100-2014, for Energy Efficiency industry resulting from the new ASHRAE


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