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Large Campus Geothermal: Repurposing Energy

Summary This presentation examines Epic Systems Corporation's, a world-wide leader in medical records software development, geothermal system, which is the largest in the nation. Over 3.0 million square feet of building area, which consists of 20 buildings, is heated and cooled with 130°F...


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Changing Perceptions: why you should consider Geothermal Technology for your Energy Needs

Summary Geothermal technology has received a bad press. Too often poorly-designed systems have failed to deliver promised benefits. There is no need for this! Intelligently installed geothermal infrastructure is brilliant: a clean, efficient, sustainable and cost-effective means of providing...


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Delivering the Promise of Eco-Districts

Summary Large-scale eco-developments (Campuses & urban revitalization) are uniquely able to pursue multiple sustainable systems. With long horizons for planning/use, these projects can successfully integrate an array of advanced technologies: Geothermal heat exchangers, fuel-cells, photo...