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Improved Chiller Plant Performance Through Air-Dirt Separation at Youngstown State University and University of Akron

Summary This presentation documents the results of two separate chiller plant upgrades at Youngstown State University and University of Akron. Both were retrofitted with air-dirt separation technology as part of campus performance contracts. In both instances significant performance increases...

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Effective Air and Dirt Removal to Improve Performance and Extend the Life of Thermal Distribution Systems

Summary A presentation on the best practices of air and dirt removal from hydronic systems to enhance performance and efficiency. Speakers Stephen Clinton, Spirotherm, Inc. #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #ConferenceProceeding #WaterTreatment #ThermalDistribution ...


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The Hidden Variable: The True Cost of Air in Hydronic Systems

Summary The presentation will address the negative effects of air on the performance, efficiency, and total cost of ownership of hydronic heating and cooling systems. Discussion will include case studies documenting how effectively removing air from chilled water and heating hot water systems...