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Market Report Series: Energy Efficiency 2018

Summary Energy Efficiency 2018 , the sixth edition in the IEA Market Report Series, is the global tracker of trends and indicators in energy efficiency and an invaluable resource for energy efficiency policy makers and market actors. This year’s report provides a special feature in the form...

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Energy Policies of IEA Countries Denmark 2017 Review

Summary The International Energy Agency (IEA) has been conducting in-depth country reviews since 1976. A core activity, the process of review by peers, not only supports member countries’ energy policy development and mutual learning, but it also encourages the exchange of international best...


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Energy in Sweden 2017

Summary With the publication of Energy in Sweden , the Swedish Energy Agency intends to provide an overall picture of the current situation and development of the energy sector in Sweden. As a complement to the publication, the collection of statistics Energy in Sweden - Facts and Figures ...

Swedish Energy Agency_Energy in Sweden 2017.pdf

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IDEA District Energy Industry White Paper

This report provides a summary characterizing the district energy industry in North America. Published August 2005 and underwritten by Enwave Energy Systems. Summary The fundamental idea of district energy is simple but powerful: connect multiple heating and cooling energy users (buildings)...

Enwave IDEA Report.pdf

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Good Practice Guide District Energy

Summary Cities worldwide account for over 70% of global energy use and 40-50% of GHG emissions. i In a number of cities, heating and cooling represent up to half of local energy consumption and with projected urban growth, there will be increasing pressure on these key infrastructures....

C40 Cities_Good Practice Guide District Energy.pdf

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Policy Best Practices Cambridge Getting to Net Zero Task Force

Summary The purpose of this best practices review is to highlight initiatives from a number of leading jurisdictions, to generate ideas and stimulate discussion as to what suite of strategies would best support Cambridge’s net zero emissions objective. This report identifies a variety of...

Policy Best Practices Cambridge Getting to Net Zero Task Force_Integral Group.pdf

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An Evaluation of District Energy Systems in North America: Lessons Learned from Four Heating Dominated Cities in the U.S. and Canada

Summary In North America, a number of efforts are underway to achieve high levels of energy efficiency in commercial and residential buildings. Most of these programs aim to increase the performance of the building envelope, efficiency of equipment, or to effect behavioral changes to reduce...

An Evaluation of District Energy Systems in NA_Cooper_Rajkovich_UMichigan.pdf

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Latest developments with district energy in cities

Summary The clank of boilers is a telltale winter soundtrack in many older cities in more temperate zones, where many buildings tend to have their own own heating and cooling system. But in downtowns and dense neighborhoods, smart decisions made decades ago and current retrofitting strategies...

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Assessing the Actual Energy Efficiency of Building Scale Cooling Systems

Summary The costs, energy efficiency and environmental impacts of district cooling (DC) are often compared to those of building-scale chiller systems. In such comparisons, the assumptions regarding the efficiency of building-scale systems have a significant impact on the comparative economic...

IEA_Assessing the Actual Energy Efficiency of Building Scale Cooling Systems_2008.pdf

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A Blueprint to Rebuild America's Infrastructure

Summary In 2017, as an alternative to the Administration’s Infrastructure Plan which focused largely on private investment and large scale P3 projects, Senate Democrats released their “Blueprint to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure” calling for federal government investment to support much...

A Blueprint to Rebuild America's Infrastructure.pdf