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Brazed Plat Heat Exchangers A Gasket Free Option

Summary There are many assumptions about Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers and its possibilities. This seminar introduces the capacities and great savings you can reach with a BPHE in general and how you solve general concerns when it comes to Life Cycle Cost, Cleaning, Fouling and Scaling through a...


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From Refinery to a Ship - a story about heat recovery projects within Gothenburg Energy

Summary How a commercial Vessel was connected to District Heating Network and the development and installation of Compact District Heating Stations at Gothenburg Energy. At a large automotive plant in Sweden a large heat recovery system based on Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers was replaced by...


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"Bigger is not Better" Selecting the most efficient heat exchanger

Summary Will present why oversizing a heat exchanger effects the overall efficiency of the entire system. Increased fouling factor, lower efficiency, higher operating cost are all results of oversizing the HX. Turbulence is the key to an efficient system.Will present why oversizing a heat...