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The Belgian bank that finances energy efficiency projects

Cogeneration Channel Summary Belfius is a Belgian bank that can be defined as ethical, as it only invests in projects with specific criteria, such as sustainability. One of the projects in which Belfius believes is that of the energy efficiency in buildings; in the most recent period, five...

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From net zero energy buildings to autonomous city districts: A necessary step towards the green built envrionment

Marc Frère, Open Access Government Summary Professor Marc Frère of the University of Mons Research Institute for Energy looks at the arguments for creating low energy demand buildings. In Europe, the building sector is a major contributor to energy consumption and, hence, is responsible...

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State aid: Commission approves Belgian certificates schemes for renewable electricity and high-efficiency cogeneration in Flanders

Press Release, European Commission The European Commission has concluded the certificates schemes for renewable electricity and high-efficiency cogeneration implemented in Flanders (Belgium) to be in line with EU State aid rules. The two schemes contribute to reaching EU energy and climate...

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Energy pact: cogeneration “may replace the nuclear power station”

Christopher Vincent, The Brussels Times Summary The cogeneration sector claims that its development will be called upon in the coming years, to play an essential role in Belgium’s energy provision. Undoubtedly, the cogeneration concept is part of the overall plan for the closure of...

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Techno-Economic Feasibility of Biomass Fueled District Heating Systems in Belgium

Speakers Ouafik El Kasmioui, University of Antwerp #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #Sustainability #RenewableEnergy #UniversityofAntwerp #Belgium #Biomass

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Ramboll To Help Belgium With Waste-To-Energy Expertise

Ramboll April 5, 2017 Summary An agreement was signed last week with one of Belgium’s leading waste management companies to exchange know-how. Ramboll has agreed to help ISVAG in Antwerp in providing know-how about the role waste-to-energy can play in the development of district heating...