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New Lead Contractor Engaged at UK's Energy Works Hull

Dan McCue, Renewable Energy Magazine Summary The UK's Energy Works Hull has engaged the global engineering firm Black & Veatch as principal contractor to oversee the final stages of commissioning its combined heat and power gasification plant. The plant will generate around...

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Black & Veatch - Designed Microgrid Actively Powering Shell Technology Center in Houston

Black & Veatch, Electric Energy Online Summary A Black & Veatch-designed microgrid at Shell's Technology Center in Houston, Texas, is actively powering part of the campus while serving as a critical research tool for Shell International Exploration & Production Company, Inc....

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Black & Veatch Innovation Pavilion Microgrid- A Living Laboratory

Summary In September 2014, Black & Veatch celebrated the opening of an addition to their World Headquarters (WHQ), called the Rodman Innovation Pavilion, and part of the addition was the design, procurement, building, and operation of the WHQ microgrid. The microgrid was designed as a...


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Smart Optimization at the Rodman Innovation Pavilion Microgrid

Summary Microgrids have the potential to fundamentally re-shape the way power is generated, distributed, and consumed. Advances in small generation technology and controls used to dispatch and optimize generation sources can provide benefits to utilities, power consumers, and open access to...