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Carbon Emissions Are Already Falling in 30 Cities

Linda Poon, Citylab Summary Since nations signed on to the Paris Agreement four years ago, committing to collectively lower carbon emissions to below 2 degrees Celsius, progress across the globe has been uneven and, sometimes, even discouraging. But there is good news. Austin, Athens,...

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Mayors Announce Support For Global Green New Deal; Recognize Global Climate Emergency

C40 Cities Press Release Summary Newly elected C40 Chair, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, alongside the mayors of cities worldwide including Copenhagen, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney and Tokyo, today announced their support for a Global Green New Deal and recognized a global climate...

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These 15 urban design projects are reinventing cities for a zero-carbon future

Adele Peters, Fast Company Summary The Reinventing Cities competition asked architects to find new uses for vacant and abandoned spaces in cities around the world. The results are an extraordinary example of what future cities could look like. As the world moves to a zero-carbon...

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Climate Opportunity: More Jobs; Better Health; Livable Cities

Key Messages Climate policies on building retrofits, bus networks and district energy and cooling can generate millions of jobs, save households billions of dollars, and prevent hundreds of thousands of deaths related to urban pollution all over the world. The report helps policymakers...