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Tunnel Assessment Best Practices

Summary Presented at IDEA's Campus Energy Conference Distribution Workshop March 5, 2018. Speakers Doug Bottorff & Matt Mettemeyer, Shive-Hattery #CampusEnergyConference #Workshop #ConferenceProceeding #ThermalDistribution #2018 #Shive-Hattery #ShiveHattery ...


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Inspection of Distribution Piping Systems: A Risk Based Approach

Speakers Joe Maciejczyk, Structural Integrity Associates #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #ConferenceProceeding #StructuralIntegrityAssociates #ThermalDistribution #Pipes #Corrosion #RiskMitigation


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Effects of Water Absorption and Retention in Thermal Insulation

Summary Some studies estimate that up to 98% of insulation system problems are caused by moisture; moisture that usually enters through the jacketing. Even Systems operating at high temperatures can retain large quantities of water. Water within thermal insulation accelerates heat gain causing...