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Optimizing Capital Efficiency for Water Infrastructure Renewal

Summary Aging water mains leak more, leak quieter, and have higher risks of catastrophic failure. Leaks alone are poor indicators of a pipe’s structural condition. Over 70% of water mains are being replaced prematurely, wasting precious capital. Many utilities are adopting Acoustic Pipe Wall...


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Acoustic Pipe Wall Thickness Testing for Leak Detection in Aging Mains

Summary As pressurized mains age, they leak more, leak quieter, and have higher risks of catastrophic failure. Facility and campus managers are adopting acoustic pipe wall thickness testing (APWTT) to improve Master Planning decisions. The presentation includes case studies from campuses and...


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Improved Management of Water Infrastructure Assets Using Non-Invasive Acoustics to Help Determine Rehabilitation Strategy

Summary This presentation will discuss water asset management and renewal. Water infrastructure renewal has historically focused on replacement using the direct bury method, at current costs of $1,000,000 per mile. Many water system managers are evaluating available rehabilitation technologies...


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Acoustic Monitoring

Summary This workshop discusses techniques to minimize water loss and risks of pipeline failures in aging infrastructure with permanent monitoring solutions. Speaker Cynthia Tucker, Echologics #2016 #ThermalDistribution #NorthAmerica #Sustainability #HotWater ...