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Boise geothermal system to undergo repairs in preparation for winter season

Carlo Cariaga, Think GeoEnergy Summary The geothermal district heating system for which Boise, Idaho has been known for will undergo massive repair and maintenance in preparation for the coming winter. With a $750,000 budget, repair and maintenance work on the geothermal system of the...

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An inside look at the largest geothermal heat system in the US

McKenna King, News 5 Cleveland Summary BOISE, Idaho — Two high-profile geothermal water-line breaks in Downtown Boise have residents a bit concerned — especially since the city has plans to expand the system. But the City of Boise said the leaks were a lot less dramatic than the cool air...

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UI keeps its cool: Water chilling machine finds new home on campus

Scott Jackson, Daily News Summary Water chilling machine finds new home on campus. The University of Idaho is spending about $285,000 in hopes to cut energy consumption while keeping campus cool during the summer months. On Tuesday, UI deployed cranes at two locations to transplant...

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University of Idaho Cooling Tower Case Study

Summary University of Idaho utilizes a district heating and cooling plant to provide all the heating and cooling needs for the university. Losing a substantial amount of water through evaporation process in the cooling towers has great impact on water consumption of the University. Different...