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The Benefits of Using Steam District Energy

Summary Recently, Liberty Tour in downtown Philadelphia decided to choose the use of steam has their primary source of energy for building heat over natural gas or electric. The presentation went over the different technical reasons why the decision was made over steam. Recent technologies...


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100% Steam Close Loop Design

Summary We will point out some benefit of using steam for building heat and domestic hot water application in a design way that it doesn't require any vents to the roof, resulting in a 100% close steam system. By doing so, not only we cut the steam flash lost or steam traps failure lost...


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Steam is More Efficient than Most People Think

Summary For more than the last hundred years steam has been used the same way. And over time the use of steam as declined for many reasons and among them is probably the high maintenance level. By using a vertical flooding steam heat exchanger, you avoid the use of multiple components, like:...