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Utility Infrastructure Master Planning for Arizona State University Campuses

Speakers Rick Pretzman, Arizona State University Lynn Bailey, Stanley Consultants #CampusEnergyConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #MasterPlanningandSystemDesign #ArizonaStateUniversity #Arizona #StanleyConsultants #Phoenix #Infrastructure

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Water Savings Using the Thermosyphon Cooler Hybrid Heat Rejection System: Case Studies from Atlanta, Phoenix, Seattle and Boston

Speakers Thomas Carter, Johnson Controls #ConferenceProceeding #CampusEnergyConference #2014 #JohnsonControls #Atlanta #Georgia #Phoenix #Arizona #BostonCambridge #Massachusetts #Seattle #Washington #EvaporativeCooling #WaterConservation


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District Energy System Under Downtown Phoenix Cools More Than 40 Buildings

Annika Cline, KJZZ News The Valley is still going to see highs above 100 during the month of September. For people from cooler places, that can be unfathomable. But it is bearable, thanks to the wonders of air conditioning. There are times where it's a hundred outside but you might need a...

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Conversion from Traditional Biocide to MIOX On-Site Generation at NRG Phoenix Chilled Water Plant

Summary NRG Phoenix operates a large chilled water plant in downtown Phoenix serving multiple customers through a large chilled water system. Chilled water is produced at three separate facilities with a common chilled water loop. The facility switched from a traditional biocide program using...


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Symposium: Energy - Water District Cooling Nexus for Arid Regions

Summary The presentation compares the magnitude of water and energy in urban cooling in Phoenix and Dubai. A simple graphic method is used to depict the flow of water, fuel, and electric energy from source to final consumption. Imbedded costs of water-in-energy, energy-in-water, and energy...


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NRG Energy Center Phoenix: An Oasis in the Desert

David Gaier, NRG Energy June 21, 2017 Summary On Tuesday, June 20, the air temperature in Phoenix reached 120 degrees. Extreme, even for that location, the truly remarkable thing was that dozens of flights at Sky Harbor International Airport were canceled because the aircraft could simply...