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Innovative FRP Composites Wrap Up Structural Repairs on Campuses

New wet-layup tunnel repair method proves faster, less expensive and far less disruptive of academic activities than conventional repair methods Workers apply carbon fiber mats soaked in epoxy resin to stabilize the tunnels that crisscross under the University of Arizona campus. ...

QuakeWrap Press Release -Bryan Freed 1-21-19.pdf

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Innovative FRP Solutions for Repair of Utility Tunnels and Manholes

Summary Application of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products to repair and strengthen corrosion damaged structures such as utility tunnels and manholes are presented. The technology pioneered by the author in the 1980s allows fast and economical repair of structures with minimal disruption...


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Manhole / Tunnel Reconstruction Method

Summary Details about fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) and its use in manhole covers and tunnels. Presents case studies of use in campus systems. Speaker Mo Ehsani, QuakeWrap, Inc. #CampusEnergyConference #UnitedStates #NorthAmerica #QuakeWrapInc #ThermalDistribution #2016 ...