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5MW CHP Microgrid at Gainesville Regional Utilities

Summary Over the past decade, several market influences have led to an increased interest and installation of distributed generation, cogeneration, combined heat and power and microgrids. Today’s natural gas prices and the increasing cost to utilities for environmental compliance create an...

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Microgrid Islanding with CHP The Evolution of a Project

Summary The GRU Energy Center provides thermal and electrical utilities to the Shands Cancer Center at the University of Florida Campus. The energy center together with the assoicated medical facilities are designed to proactively island via operator intervention forming a self-sustaining...


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President's Message 1st Quarter 2017

New York grid, reducing its "tag" from 30

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Combined Heat and Power: Reaping the Benefits of Changed Market Conditions

Summary Conventional wisdom has long held that the most cost-effective and reliable source of energy is the utility grid — arguably humanity’s largest and most complex machine. Although many hospitals and other critical facilities would prefer to control their destinies by generating their own...