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Control System Solutions for Hybrid CHP Implementation for Isolated Microgrid

Summary This presentation explains developing control system solutions which assist in solving grid limitations by allowing development independent of the macro-grid. We are solving macro-grid infrastructure problems by meeting energy needs of a 505-room hotel/conference center, without an...


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Business Case for Resilient Energy System Scenarios, Industry Perspective – Thermo Systems

Summary Thermo Systems is a national, full-service control systems integration partner for energy and consumer markets. This presentation shares some of their experience with designing and implementing controls systems aimed at acheiving energy resiliency, system optimization and fiscal...

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Sustainability and Resiliency Drives Utility System Sharing

Summary Hudson Yards, located on the west side of midtown Manhattan in New York City, is the largest privately funded development projects in the United States comprising a mixed use development. The development is designed with a Micro Grid which connects to ConEdison thru a high tension...

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Microgrid Controls

Summary This workshop details microgrid controls that allow for load shedding and islanding. Case studies on the FDA and the University of Minnesota are presented. Speaker Sai Lo, Thermo Systems #ThermoSystemsLLC #Workshop #NorthAmerica #Resiliency #UniversityofMinnesota ...


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Digester gas CHP to lower costs and GHG using advanced controls

Summary This presentation discusses how DCWater reduced operating costs and energy costs by constructing a 15MW waste-to-energy CHP at their Blue Plains advanced waste water treatment facility located in Washington, DC. They successfully reduced biosolid volume by 50%, generated 30% of daily...


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Deploying More Intuitive HMI Graphics in Accordance with the ISA Standards

Summary Implementation of ISA 101 – “Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems” within Campus Energy plants. Comparison of previous generation HMIs to ISA 101 standards and recommended practices. Pros and Cons and general practice guidelines for implementing ISA 101. Speaker ...


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Digester gas CHP to lower costs and GHG using advanced controls (6C.3_SILK_WITTKAMP.pdf)

Eric Silk, Thermo SystemsJason Wittkamp, Thermo Systems

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Deploying Control Strategies to Cut Operating Costs and Reclaim Cooling Capacity at a Pharma Facility

Speakers Michael Nyhan, Merk & Co. Erik Silk, Thermo Systems #MerkandCo #ThermoSystemsLLC #AnnualConference #ConferenceProceeding #2014 #MeteringandControls ​​​​​​​ #Optimization

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