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Operating Centralized Campus Plants Leading Towards a More Sustainable Future!

Summary Ameresco is a recognized leader in adapting renewable energy sources for cogeneration. These off-grid solutions meet on-site power needs with clean, energy-efficient plants that can be built or upgraded to become independent power generation facilities with revenue potential for their...


Tufts Energy Conference

What is the Tufts Energy Conference? The Tufts Energy Conference is an annual event that brings together professionals, students, and experts from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to discuss critical global energy issues. The conference is organized entirely by students from a broad...

 02-02-2018 12:30 - 02-03-2018 15:30 ET
 Medford MA

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“Pax et Lux” – Tufts Lives Up to Its Motto as New Microgrid, Central Energy Plant Nears Completion

Andrew Burger, Microgrid Knowledge Summary Tufts University is among the growing number of Massachusetts-based institutions of higher education contributing to the state’s emergence as a hub and magnet for microgrid development and deployment. Tufts’ motto – Pax et Lux (Peace and...

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Combined Heat and Power for the Medium Sized Campus, a Case Study

Summary Tufts University is currently constructing a new combined heat and power central energy plant for increased energy efficiency, reliability, resilience, and utility cost savings. The presentation will discuss how significant siting and distribution challenges within this mature campus...