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Cogeneration solutions attract UK’s manufacturing sector

Power Engineering Summary The benefits and potential of cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) technology are being increasingly recognized by UK manufacturers post-pandemic, according to a new survey by equipment supplier Aggreko. According to Aggreko’s latest survey, over 90% of...

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King’s Cross to make its entire gas supply green

Environment Journal Summary This move will reduce the predicted annual carbon footprint of the neighbourhood by 50%, saving an estimated 16,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to the average annual carbon emissions of around 1,600 Londoners. The deal, which has been facilitated and managed by...

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London mayoral race 2021: Sadiq Khan pledges '170,000 green jobs', including 1700 in district energy.

BBC News Summary Sadiq Khan has pledged to support more than 170,000 green jobs if re-elected as mayor. The Labour mayoral candidate wants to create jobs in flood risk areas of the capital and roles in electrifying London's bus fleet. Details of Mr Khan's manifesto include a pledge for a...

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Leeds to inject £100m into energy efficient council houses

Energy Live News Summary Leeds City Council has unveiled plans to invest £100 million in energy efficiency measures for council houses by 2025. The scheme aims to help tenants save money on energy bills and cut carbon. New technologies will include ground and air source heat...

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Thames Water hopes to harness human 'poo power' to heat homes

The Gaurdian Summary Thousands of homes in south-west London could soon be warmed by the waste from their local sewage works as part of England’s first poo-powered district heating scheme. Thames Water hopes to harness the heat of human waste from its treatment plant in Kingston upon...

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A wind turbine production plant in Britain will now get most of its power from renewable gas

CNBC Summary A turbine production plant owned by energy giant Vestas will now be powered using an environmentally-friendly source of gas, according to a new deal announced on Monday. A biogas facility off the south coast of England will soon provide electricity to a factory operated by...

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Veolia and Carbon Clean to unveil carbon capture trials

Energy Summary Veolia is set to become the first UK operator of Energy Recovery Facilities and to demonstrate carbon capture technology with Carbon Clean . The companies have been working in partnership for four years, and the new joint project will highlight how the latest...

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Heat Supply Partnership to Increase Low Carbon Heating in Enfield

Resource Summary A long-term heat supply agreement between energy supplier Energetik, North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and LondonEnergy Limited has been finalised, allowing for low carbon heating and hot water to be supplied to households in Enfield using heat energy from the NWLA’s...

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Trust which runs Grantham Hospital wins award for its work on reducing carbon footprint

Grantham Hospital Summary The trust which runs Grantham Hospital has won an innovation award for its work on reducing its carbon footprint. United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust has won the Estates and Facilities Innovation Award at this year’s Health Business Awards. This award...

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UK’s first deep geothermal project signs PPA, looks to future sites

PowerTechnology Summary The UK’s first deep geothermal site, United Downs, has signed a purchase agreement for power and heat produced at the plant. This marks the first sale of geothermal energy in the UK. Operator Geothermal Engineering Ltd has signed a power purchase agreement (PPA)...