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Construction Considerations for a CHP Facility Conversion in a Clustered Urban Setting

Summary When the State of Wisconsin decided to change the UW-Madison coal plant conversion from biomass to natural gas, it eliminated many environmental concerns, but did not eliminate the construction difficulties of retrofitting a major CHP facility in a clustered urban/campus setting. This...


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Chilled Water Plant Expansion and Dispatch Techniques at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Summary Chilled water is provided to nearly 20.0 million gross square feet of University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) campus facilities plus several private customers by one of three utility plants; Charter Street, Walnut Street and West Campus Cogeneration. Since 2006, UW has added over 3.0...


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Large Campus Geothermal: Repurposing Energy

Summary This presentation examines Epic Systems Corporation's, a world-wide leader in medical records software development, geothermal system, which is the largest in the nation. Over 3.0 million square feet of building area, which consists of 20 buildings, is heated and cooled with 130°F...


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University of Wisconsin Oshkosh - Sustainability Accelerator: Integrating Methane Digesters with Energy Efficiency for a Smarter Campus

Summary This presentation reviews the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh's (UWO) partnerships with Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI) and Viessmann Group/BIOFerm Energy Systems (BES) to accelerate campus commitments of establishing UWO as a leading sustainability campus. Recent recognition has included...