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Wunderlich-Malec Acquires mGrid™

Press Release Summary Wunderlich-Malec Engineering, Inc. (WM) announces the acquisition of IPP Connect, LLC’s intellectual property and the joining of their staff as a new WM business focused on providing innovative solutions, technology, and tools for achieving aggressive energy cost...

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Campus Wide 61850 Microgrid for a Tri-Generational Critical Care Campus at Umass Medical

Summary Due to super storms and utility interruptions a Tri-Generational Micro-Grid was designed and implemented to supply steam, chilled water and electricity to a 60-acre Critical Care Campus in times of complete electrical utility outages. IEC 61850 devices and logic provide the resiliency...


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Using the Microgrid Model to help meet a Medical School Campus’ Needs

Summary A metropolitan campus implements an electrical Microgrid concept to meet its medical campus needs. The campus upgraded its generation and distributed electrical power system to achieve this resilient solution while concurrently meeting the requirements of NFPA 99. Also presented is...

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