Arnold Schwarzenegger bullish on district energy, renewable energy

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaking at the Güssing Renewable Energy demonstration plant in Güssing, Austria (click for video-German with English subtitles). Yes, he says "I'll be back" at the end.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California, speaking at the Güssing Renewable Energy demonstration facility at Güssing, in Burgenland, Austria.

“Güssing has become a green island,” he said. “You have built your own district heating [system]. You are generating your own electricity. You are operating a biomass power plant, produce synthetic natural gas from wood and develop new fuels at the research lab. I have seen all of this with my own eyes. Everyone should follow your example. The whole world should become Güssing.” VIDEO

Güssing Renewable Energy technology utilizes sustainable feedstock for gas generation, not combustion. The gas produced can be used for the generation of power or heat, or further refined to fuels (BioSNG, hydrogen, synthetic fuels, e.g., bio aircraft fuel).

In the EU, the resulting, drastically reduced quantity of CO2 produced, provides tradeable emission permits. They present a valuable profitability factor, for their sale procures revenue to their owners.

As part of the model region “ökoEnergieland” (Eco-Energyland) Güssing, the company is  operating demonstration plants in Güssing and Heiligenkreuz (Burgenland, Austria) which meet the energy supply of a whole region.

Güssing Renewable Energy GmbH (GREG) was established in 2009 by experienced eco-visionaries and international entrepreneurs. GREG has its head office at the Technologiezentrum Güssing (Güssing Technology Center), Burgenland, Austria.

There exist subsidiary companies in Bangkok, Thailand (GRETHA), Laguna Beach, USA, and Victoria, Canada (GREA), as well as Belgrade, Serbia, (PAN NON OIL). The integration of all corporations into the GRE.AT Holding AG is about to take place.

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