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The 2024 first-quarter issue of District Energy magazine is now available online. Members will also receive a printed hard copy via mail.

Some highlights in this issue include:

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Best Practices in District Energy/CHP Project Life Cycles Part 2: Engineering is now streaming. 

Missed Part 1? Make sure you stream it before watching Part 2 and stay tuned for information on Part 3. 

Stream it Now! Geothermal Symposium

Best Practices in District Energy/CHP: Geothermal Symposium
Now streaming - an in-depth exploration of geothermal design, planning, and implementation. Presenters will lead participants through the technical considerations for site-specific geothermal design, and present a series of real-world case studies to demonstrate the principles in action. 

This symposium will included a review of geothermal technical considerations; the design and planning processes; options and benchmarks for construction and operations; best practices for geothermal project management, and more. Participants will come away with a list of resources they can use in evaluating geothermal technologies for their own systems.
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