Campus Carbon Reduction Goals: An IDEA Report


In March 2022 IDEA launched a survey to collect and collate our member college and universities’ carbon reduction targets and goals. If you would like to add to or edit your institution’s carbon goal, please reach out to Sarah Theurkauf at sarah.idea@districtenergy.org

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Watch Our "We're Built for This" Decarbonization Video

Around the world, investments in district energy infrastructure are accelerating the shift to lower carbon solutions for cities, communities and campuses.

IDEA has produced a new video, "We're Built for This", to demonstrate district energy's role in decarbonizing; highlighting the flexibility, reliability and resiliency of district energy systems and how they continue to evolve to leverage new technologies and lower carbon resources.

Regardless of your organization's role in the industry, we urge you to share it within your networks. Help inform the communities you serve - and the world - how district energy systems achieve economies of scale by aggregating the energy needs of multiple customer buildings. If you are an IDEA Member and interested in receiving this customized video, with insertion of your logo and website included at the conclusion of the video, please contact Jason Beal at jason.idea@districtenergy.org.

Read the Latest Issue of District Energy

IDEA is pleased to bring you the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of District Energy magazine, now available online. Members will also receive the printed magazine via mail, if they selected the print option. As always, District Energy highlights some of the most innovative work being done by our members in North America and beyond. This issue features articles on Toronto's district energy expansion, building a grid of the future at UMass Amherst, look at TECO's deep dive into data, a conference review of CampusEnergy2022 and much more. Read it today.

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This webinar will discuss the application of water to water heat pumps. We will demonstrate how heat pumps can be phased into your existing facilities and, how you will achieve the greatest ROI. Two of the biggest fundamental questions we’ll review and answer are: How to achieve 3 to 4 times the efficiency of a boiler and, what heat source will make the most sense for you, when you shift away from fossil fuels.

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Energy & Sustainability Reporting Best Practices: Your Data. Your Way, featuring IDEA Member EnergyCAP, is now available to stream, for free. 

District Energy operators at higher education institutions and in downtown districts are being challenged to make actionable progress towards decarbonization. A common challenge for these operators and the organizations that they serve is a need to be able to report on various aspects of energy data, including cost, consumption, and inherent greenhouse gases. How do you go about making this data available to your stakeholders the way they want to see it? Find out by registering!

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Mini-Master Class on District Energy


Please join us for a special webinar presentation, brought to you by the IDEA Young Professionals Group, geared for those who are new to district energy.

A recognized expert in district energy, Juan Ontiveros, will break down the ins and outs of district energy from multiple viewpoints for our Young Professionals Group, YPG. Come hear his high level discussion in design, operation, and maintenance and how it evolved at The University of Texas at Austin in this one-hour webinar dubbed ‘The Mini-Master Class’.

District energy at the University of Texas at Austin was awarded ‘System of the Year’ by IDEA in 2018 and recognized as a PEER Platinum certified system. This presentation will try to pack in as much information on district energy as possible into a 60-minute experience. This presentation will have two twenty-minute halves each followed by time for questions and answers, moderated by our two Chases (IDEA YPG Co-Chairs, Chase Davis and Chase Dube).

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