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Optimized Cogeneration System Operation for a Secure and Comfortable Life - Community Energy Management System for F-Grid Miyagi 

07-11-2018 10:29


After the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake, F-Grid Miyagi now uses a gas engine cogeneration system in its automotive factory to protect against the next energy crisis and conducts manufacturing in partnership with the region. The company has also been studying the “F-Grid” (factory-driven power grid) initiative, which is a collaboration among industry, academia and government that aims to build a more secure, comfortable life for the community.

The community energy management system (CEMS) at F-Grid Miyagi efficiently supplies electricity and heat to consumers in the industrial park while optimally balancing the power purchased from the electric power supplier and the electricity and heat (steam and hot water) generated by the company’s cogeneration system (CGS) and solar power generation system. This Industrial Park Smart Community program was developed and is now operated by F-Grid Miyagi, supported by subsidies from the national government after a two-year demonstration experiment. Yokogawa took part in this program and configured the CEMS.

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