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Microgrids - Michigan Public Service Commission

IDEA has been supporting the Michigan Public Service Commission as they explore potential for integration of new technologies and business models for energy.   Many weeks ago, we circulated the request for information and expert insights among MRC members.   Eaton Corporation immediately volunteered as they have multiple facilities and thousands of employees in the state of Michigan. 

In the aftermath of the Texas Deep Freeze in February, the MPSC also sought guidance from microgrids in Texas.  Juan Ontiveros of UT Austin and Steve Swinson of TECO have agreed to share experiences. 

The next meeting will focus on Microgrids. It will be on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. The links are below.  Participation is free but may be limited by connectivity.

Meeting #7: Microgrids

We look forward to the April 21 meeting, where we will hear from:

  • Commissioner Katherine Peretick, Michigan Public Service Commission
  • Jeremy Twitchell, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Douglas Gagne, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Matt Grocoff, THRIVE Collaborative
  • Juan Shannon, Parker Village
  • Panel: Business Perspectives on Microgrid Development
    • Moderator: Cory Connolly, Michigan Energy Innovation Business Council
    • Mark Feasel, Schneider Electric
    • Sam Barnes, Commonwealth
    • Robert Rafson, Charthouse Energy
  • Eaton Corporation
  • Juan Ontiveros, University of Texas at Austin
  • Steve Swinson, Thermal Energy Corporation
  • Panel: Utility Microgrid Perspectives
    • Moderator: Arindam Maitra, Electric Power Research Institute
    • Carlos Casablanca, AEP Service Corporation
    • Husaninder Singh, DTE Energy
    • Nathan Washburn, Consumers Energy

Meetings will be held via teleconference until further notice. All attendees are encouraged to download Microsoft Teams for audio/visual capabilities. For those joining via web browser, please note that Microsoft Teams currently works well with most internet browsers with the notable exception of Safari.

To learn more about the MI Power Grid initiative or to sign up for email updates, please visit www.michigan.gov/MIPowerGrid. For questions about this workgroup, feel free to contact Joy Wang at wangj3@michigan.gov.

We look forward to your participation.

Hybrid Energy Networks

“Hybrid Energy Networks”: Integrating district heating and cooling networks with the electricity and gas grid

The integration of the different energy networks, such as electricity, gas and heating/ cooling is considered as one of the key measures for decarbonizing the energy system. Although district heating and cooling (DHC) networks traditionally have strong links to electricity and gas networks via combined heat and power (CHP) processes, in the last years, a major step forward has been taken towards the complete integration of the all energy domains.

Aim of the Webinar is to

  • understand the current status of integrated DHC networks and see best practice examples
  • discuss barriers, trends and solutions for the creation of an integrated energy market
  • debate about the situation in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Sweden and United Kingdom
  • learn about tools and methods for hybrid energy network planning and operation

The webinar is directed towards:

  • Network operators and energy suppliers (DHC, electricity and gas TSO/DSOs)
  • Policy makers, energy authorities and associations
  • Solution providers, consultancies and engineering offices
  • R&D institutes and universities

Attendees may attend free of charge.

Registration is required by Friday, 23rd April 2021 (end of working day) via this LINK. The link for the online participation will be send to the registered participants the day before the webinar.

This Webinar is a side event of the Mission Innovation Austria Online Conference and it is held in the framework of the international cooperation program IEA DHC Annex TS3 „Hybrid Energy Networks“.

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