IDEA District Energy Video Series

"We're Built for This" Decarbonize Video

Around the world, investments in district energy infrastructure are accelerating the shift to lower carbon solutions for cities, communities and campuses.

IDEA has produced a new video, "We're Built for This", to demonstrate district energy's role in decarbonizing; highlighting the flexibility, reliability and resiliency of district energy systems and how they continue to evolve to leverage new technologies and lower carbon resources.

Regardless of your organization's role in the industry, we urge you to request a customized version of this important video and share it within your networks. Help inform the communities you serve - and the world - how district energy systems achieve economies of scale by aggregating the energy needs of multiple customer buildings. If you are interested in receiving this customized video, with insertion of your logo and website included at the conclusion of the video, please contact Jason Beal at


District Energy Infrastructure Video

At IDEA, we believe that investing in district energy infrastructure will strengthen our cities, communities and campuses. 
To illustrate this, we have produced this short but effective video, District Energy - A Key Component to Infrastructure Renewal. We hope you will share this important video with customers, colleagues, government leaders and the investor community. IDEA will even customize a version for IDEA members, including your logo and URL for you to share exclusively.
Our hope is this video will help showcase the important role district energy plays in a clean energy future by creating good-paying jobs while cutting carbon emissions and enhancing resiliency through a wide-range of solutions.
If you are an IDEA Member and would like a customized version of the video with your logo and URL included at the conclusion of the video, please contact Jason Beal at