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The IDEA Online Resource Guide is an excellent source for locating best-of-breed providers of services, products and technology to the district energy industry.

Metering & Flow Measurement

Emerson Process Management
Emerson Process Management offers a complete line of reliable Rosemount(R) measurement instrumentation for the district energy industry. Our pressure, temperature, flow, and level instruments enable you to optimize the efficiency of your steam and chilled water system.

8200 Market Blvd
Chanhassen, Minnesota 55317
(800) 999-9307
(952) 949-7001 fax fax
E-mail: rosemount.info@emersonprocess.com
Contact: Candra Morrow


Flexim is known for its cutting edge engineering and quality ultrasonic Flowmeters. Ultrasonic flow measurement has become a standard for BTU measurement. Its high turndown range, excellent accuracy, and retro-fit installation make it the meter of choice. Flexim takes ultrasonic technology to a new level with certified traceable accuracy of BOTH flow and temperature measurement.

250-V Executive Drive
Edgewood, New York 11717
(631) 492-2300
(631) 492-2117 fax fax
E-mail: jobrien@flexim.com
Contact: John O'Brien


GE Measurement & Control
GE\'s Measurement & Control business is improving the health of industry with smart, predictive and integrated solutions. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts USA, Measurement & Control is part of GE Oil & Gas and globally provides solutions to customers in the oil & gas, power generation, aerospace, transportation and healthcare industries.

1100 Technology Park Dr
Billerica, Massachusetts 01821
E-mail: Thomas.michalowski@ge.com
Contact: Tom Michalowski


Kessler Ellis Products
Kessler Ellis Products is a leading supplier of versatile and economical flow instruments for heat, steam, gas and liquid applications. KEP is experienced in District Energy Projects involving Universities, Government Agencies, Utilities and Industry. Remote meter reading software and communications accessories are available to facilitate your energy monitoring needs.

10 Industrial Way East
Eatontown, New Jersey 07724
(800) 631-2165 or (723) 935-1320
(723) 935-9344 fax
E-mail: richard@kep.com
Contact: Richard Gruskos


McCrometer has developed advanced liquid, steam, and gas flow measurement solutions that solve complex challenges in many industries. McCrometer\'s V-Cone Flow Meter is designed for steam and chilled water process lines connecting boilers with HVAC systems or co-generation energy systems. The V-Cone\'s self-conditioning flow design minimizes pipe run requirements by controlling flow disturbances that affect measurement accuracy.

3255 West Stetson Avenue
Hemet, California 92545
(951) 652-6811
(951) 652-3078 fax
E-mail: vcone@earthlink.net
Contact: Edwin Retief


ONICON Incorporated
ONICON Incorporated manufactures highly accurate flow meters and Btu meters for chilled water, hot water, and condenser water and steam systems. They are ideally suited for campus and central energy plant applications, as well as mixed use facilities. Retrofit kits are available for installation without shutdown. Btu meters are compatible with BACnet, LONWORKS, MODBUS, JCI-N2 Metasys and Siemens-P1 Apogee networks.

11451 Belcher Road South
Largo, Florida 33773
(727) 447-6140
(727) 442-5699 fax fax
E-mail: rneumann@onicon.com
Contact: Rob Neumann


Siemens Industry, Inc.
Siemens Industry, Inc. manufacturers one of the world\'s broadest ranges of electronic products and systems and services to industrial and construction market customers. Technologies range from circuit protection and energy management systems to process control, industrial software and totally integrated automation solutions.

16109 Malvern Hill Avenue
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70817
(913) 681-2881
(913) 681-8475 fax fax
E-mail: jay.weber@siemens.com
Contact: Jay Weber


Veris Inc.
Worldwide leader in differential pressure flow measurement, featuring the Verabar self-averaging PITOT TUBE and the revolutionary ACCELABAR** Dual technology flow meter. Applications include Air, gases, and liquid & steam 2\" through 25 Ft. pressures up to and including 2500 # ANSI. **NO STRAIGHT RUN REQUIRED - HIGH TURNDOWN 20:1 +

6415 Monarch Park Place
Niwot, Colorado 80503
(303) 652-8550
(303) 652-8552 fax fax
E-mail: jerryg@armstronginternational.com
Contact: Jerry Gallo




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